Meet Will

“I hope I never need his help again, but if I did I wouldn’t hesitate to call him.”

I am a dog lover!  It was a real honour for me to help Will Alexander with a legal case that was very important to him and his family.  When we finished the case, Will sent me this kind note, which I wanted to share.  I was humbled by his kind words.

Will’s Story

“I asked Bill to help me with an insurance claim, which turned into litigation.  Bringing a lawsuit was not my first choice, but it was necessary, and Bill handled it very skillfully.

Throughout my file, Bill was an excellent communicator with me.  I always knew where things stood.  My phone calls or e-mail messages were replied to promptly.  When I asked questions along the way, Bill answered them in a common-sense way and without ‘sounding like a lawyer’.  I really appreciated his approach and communication style.

I was impressed by the fact that Bill pressed my lawsuit forward in an aggressive way.  It did not sit on a shelf.  I was prepared for each step in the lawsuit as it arrived.  Bill identified the need for some expert advice and brought in the right people to assess portions of my claim.  When I observed Bill interact with the lawyer on the other side of my case it was obvious to me that Bill had that lawyer’s respect and that he was taken seriously.

I feel very good about my experience as Bill’s client.  I hope I never need to have his help again but, if I did, I would not hesitate to call him.  I really came to trust him implicitly.”

Will Alexander is Canada’s winningest professional dog handler.  He travels around the world handling purebred dogs in all classes.  He is the Past President of the Canadian Professional Handlers’ Association and is a four-time winner of the Garry Macdonald Trophy for Best Handler.  Over his career, Will has won Best in Show more than six hundred times.  But no win was more electrifying than in February, 2015, when Will handled a beautiful Beagle, Miss P, to Best in Show at the Westminster Kennel Club, Madison Square Gardens, New York, New York.  Learn more about Will at: www.doghandlingtips.com


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