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“As a member of the hospitality industry I am in the midst daily of trying to preach to my staff and live the importance of customer service. Since the first day that I started to work with you and your team as the executor of K’s estate, and even before that when K, while still alive, would rave about how compassionate and kind you were, you and your team have impressed me with your care, compassion and heartfelt concern about K’s and, following her death, her two son’s well-being.

Your ability to help me personally through a lot of situations that came up with her case that were at times overwhelming is something I will always remember. You will be at the very top of the list of lawyers that I will recommend to anyone who needs legal assistance. Your passion for doing the right and ethical thing seems to be something a lot of professionals struggle with, but you have perfected.

K was very fortunate to be referred to you and I appreciate every you and your team have done over the past couple of years to help the family get through some very trying times.”

Allen Morgan, Manager, Ivey Spencer Leadership Centre

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