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You and your team have always given me the confidence to continue

Hi Alden,

It seems that our journey is finally coming to a close. A bit of a roller coaster at times, but I am thankful I never felt alone. You and your team have always given me the confidence to continue, and the belief that with patience we would reach this point. At times, I must admit, it was only your solid reputation that restored the faith and encouraged me to continue. You were never wrong.

I began to understand the extent of your efforts when for the first time I gazed at the 3 inches of documentation handed over to their insurance company. (after only a year) I recall my curiosity and discovered that it was extremely thorough, absolutely relevant, and well, to say the least; impressive. It was a good reminder that I had the best possible team representing me.

Alden, a simple thank you, to you and your team seems trivial. To further say that you earned every penny and that I am satisfied with your fees, also seems inadequate. So, allow me to say that I would recommend you and your team at Lerners LLP to anyone who would require your services. To me, that is the best thank you and compliment I could possibly give.


Best Regards,


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