Eat & Drink Norfolk 2017

Food and wine and cider and beer…. these are a few of my favourite things!

Eat & Drink Norfolk

This weekend I was fortunate enough to attend Eat & Drink Norfolk and enjoy all of them. Tip – go early, with an empty stomach, and be prepared to spend a few hours there. There is a great balance of wine, beer and cider to sample, and many delicious dishes to ensure you are not drinking on an empty stomach. In true Norfolk fashion, the sample pours are generous!

It would be a mighty (or multi-day attendance) feat to sample everything that the vendors had to offer. As a cider enthusiast, I was pleasantly surprised with all of the options available this year. My hands-down favourite was the Sassy Bitch Hard Cider from the Hounds of Erie Winery. With a clever name and a taste that satisfied my on the drier-side preference, I had to go back for a second sample.


For those who missed the event, take advantage of a new brewery/winery tour company – Ride the Bine – to visit some of our local gems. I will certainly be trying both of the tours offered this summer. Agri-tourism is definitely taking off in Norfolk County.

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