We’re Proud to Support Jessica’s House

Being a Part of Our Community

It is without question, our privilege to be able to support the communities that have supported us throughout the years, but even more importantly we believe it is this kind of support that strengthens our communities for all who live in them. It is for this reason that I’m proud to share Lerners recent contribution to the Jessica’s House building project in Huron County.

The Jessica’s House Mission

Jessica’s House is an extraordinary non-profit organization that builds and operates palliative care facilities to support the families and grieved loved ones of patients going through hospice care. Their facilities are state of the art and the support they provide their clients is unmatched.

We were humbled by the attention given to us by the team at Jessica’s House. Their contribution to the Huron community will bring the most modern hospice care available in the world to the families of our region, and that is what is truly worth celebrating.

Please Support Jessica’s House!

If you can, we would ask that help support Jessica’s house as well. Learn more here!

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