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Safe Driving Tips When Planning Winery and Microbrew Tours This Summer in Ontario

While the wineries and microbreweries in Ontario may be sapling ventures when compared to the historically-steeped destinations in Europe, what Ontario lacks in longevity it makes up for with an unbridled enthusiasm for creating some of the finest vintages and brews on the planet. It’s no wonder that hundreds of thousands and visitors sip and swig their way through the province every year.  

Considering there are hundreds of wineries and microbreweries in Ontario, there are no shortages of opportunities to unleash your inner Dionysus, and fittingly, there are also no shortages of opportunities to get to and from your destination in comfort and safety.

Safe Driving Tips for Visiting Wineries and Microbreweries in Ontario

1) Book a tour. The fine vinters and microbrewers of Ontario have made your enjoyment and well-being a top priority. Whether you’re journeying to Niagara region, Prince Edward County, Pelee Island, downtown Toronto or any of the other wine and microbrew regions in Ontario, you’ll discover a bevy of eager tour groups ready pick you up, drop you off and show your tastebud’s what’s fermenting in the province.

2) Hire a driver. It doesn’t matter if it’s just you and a friend, or you and an entire party, hiring a driver for the trip will ensure you can tipple worry free. All those little sips can add up, after all!

3) Take a trek. This tip applies mostly to microbrew tours, though some wineries will offer walking tours as well – though none as extensive as those you’ll find on beer treks in downtown Toronto, Ontario. No need to hire a car, or assign a DD – just get a hotel for the night and explore the city’s rich brewing history. You can opt for a self-guided tour or join one of the informative and entertaining tour companies, like Tour Guys, or Urban Adventures.

4) Assign a DD. Admittedly, the majority of people hire a driver to tour Ontario’s vineyards and microbreweries, but for the choose your own adventurers among us, assigning a DD is also a great way to explore the regions. If you’re planning on making a weekend of it, you can even alternate DDs so everyone can taste Ontario’s finest wines and craft beers.

5) Pedal the backroads. Tour companies like The Grape Escape, Niagara Wine Tours International’s Sip’n Cycle Tours and Bikes & Beers Cycling Tours offer those who want to imbibe the chance to travel in style and safety on guided bike tours.

No busy city streets, roads or highways. Leisurely and refreshing, these tours let you wine and dine with peace of mind – often allowing you to see hidden gems in the countryside or city you wouldn’t have been able to access via other modes of transportation.

6) Fly in. Aimed primarily at sommeliers and sommeliers in training, Ontario’s Niagara area offers helicopter tours that showcase this region’s breathtaking vineyards, orchards, lakes and forests from the skies and lands you almost right at the door of wineries for tastings.

7) Go public. Take a street car, subway, bus or train to and from your destination and have enough cash to bring an extra case (or two) home to enjoy later. The TTC’s, Go TRANSIT’s and VIA Rail‘s schedules are both accommodating and affordable.

With all these viable, exciting and wallet-friendly means of transportation, planning a safe and enjoyable trip to Ontario’s wineries and microbreweries is easy. Whether you’re intending to spend a day or a few days tippling your way around the province’s tipsy treasures, there’s no excuse not to plan ahead so you can eat, drink, and be as merry as you’d like.

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