Technology Based Companies Are Growing in Toronto

Not just the centre for tech creation, Toronto is the country’s hot-bed of tech development and research, seeing new startups cropping up every quarter. And each one hopes to meet with the same successes experienced by these Toronto-based companies.


Aislelabs tops the market supplying location-based behavior analytics to independent vendors, malls,  and airports. They also work with performance and sports venues. Aislelabs’ clients have the ability to engage their customers via email, mobile and social media channels, including “in-store mobile campaigns.” Use your phone while shopping in-store to access exclusive, interactive discounts or competitions!

Q4 Web Systems

Q4, the Toronto-based, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider, delivers investor relations intelligence and communications solutions to publicly traded companies. Q4’s surveillance leverages one of the most experienced analytics teams in the industry to provide its clients with intensive reports detailing stockholder trading habits. Their ‘all-in-one market intelligence and investor engagement,’ is scheduled for roll-out later this spring to the delight of the tech sector patrons.


Toronto’s own Synbiota is changing the way the world works with DNA. Their technology enables any user to start programming the DNA of live cells, something typically only done by researchers. Users can learn the basics of genetics engineering in Synbiota’s ‘Rainbow Factory,’ those with a more advanced skill set can move directly to their “DNA Tinker Studio.” By opening up DNA programming, Synbiota is increasing awareness and helping its users to learn about the role genetic engineering can play in the creation of sustainable solutions for materials, medicine, fuel, and food.

Entertech and Nymi

Hate having to use your keycard every time you leave your workstation? Keep forgetting your password? Well, two Toronto tech companies, Entertech, and Nymi are joining forces to make passwords and key cards a thing of the past. Nymi, a sleek wristband that employs smart technology and uses biometrics to authenticate identity, has joined forced with Entertech, an identity management firm. Nymi’s band will use Entertech’s BioConnect to verify identity by recognizing a person’s unique heartbeat! No more key cards, badges, or fobs! And the technology can be applied to more than just offices or workstations – think safes, server cabinets, doors, and any secured location.

Toronto is a world player when it comes to technology and with the growing list of tech-based companies choosing Toronto as their home base, it’s little wonder that Dell recently declared Toronto among the top ‘Future Ready’ cities.

Toronto placed 11th in the recent survey by Dell, ahead of cities like New York City, Paris, Chicago, and Tokyo! The Round Rock, Texas-based computer giant compiled a list of the top 50 global cities that foster change prosperity, innovation and growth. The list ranks cities based on how well it “enables its people and organizations to access new tools and new ideas that deliver better connections, better outcomes.”

And Toronto was the only Canadian city savvy enough to make the list! Well done, Toronto!

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