Lerners LLP Sponsors Salmon Spectacular, Deepens Connection to Owen Sound

At first look, it may seem like an odd pairing. Yet nothing could be more natural than law firm Lerners LLP and its sponsorship of the Owen Sound Salmon Spectacular. Both Lerners and the fish derby are institutions here in Southern Ontario.

For 29 years, the Owen Sound Salmon Spectacular has been one of Southern Ontario’s biggest events, attracting over 50,000 people for 10 days of live music, food, giveaways, games for young and old, and, of course, for the fish competition itself.

Lerners LLP likewise has a deep connection to the community. “We’ve been in business as a firm now for over 80 years, since 1929,” says Bill Simpson, personal injury lawyer at Lerners LLP. “We pride ourselves on the ways we support communities, not just in London, where we started, or in Toronto, where we also have an office, but here in Owen Sound, where we’ve acted for clients for a long time.”  

Lerners LLP sponsored this year’s Salmon Spectacular, which saw daily attendance over 5,000 with thousands of fish fry meals served to attendees cooked fresh from fish right out of the water. One lucky attendee caught more than fish. A 60″ Samsung smart TV was raffled off by Lerners LLP, and the law firm also handed out boating keychains and other giveaways throughout the derby.

“We like to come every year,” explains Andrew Elias, personal injury lawyer at Lerners LLP. ‘It’s an awesome event with loads of things to do.”

“I think seeing the bell ring when we’ve got a new leader [in the fish derby] is probably the highlight for me,” adds Margaret Bassel, Business Development Manager with Lerners LLP, who manned the law firm’s event tent right next to the fish weigh-in station.

Yet the derby isn’t the only reason the law firm decided to sponsor the event. Peter Downs, personal injury lawyer at Lerners LLP, explains the company is establishing a new office in Owen Sound. “It’s very important for Lerners to be part of this event,” he said, saying the company  has a commitment to “passionate involvement in the service of our community.”

Tammy Ring, personal injury lawyer at Lerners LLP, adds, “We’re really excited to be continuing our relationship with Owen Sound and to be part of the community for many years to come.”

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