Our Process

How It Works and How We Help You

We believe that when someone is hurting, you help them. It’s that simple. Just as your physical recovery works in stages, so will your personal injury case. So here’s what you can expect if you hire an experienced, trusted Lerners Lawyer.
Step One
Contact us and tell us your story.

We're Here When You Need Us

Call us, email us, fill out one of the forms on our website - it’s fast and it’s free. We want to know how you or your loved one has been hurt, so we know how best to help. And it’s important to remember: you will never be asked to pay for our help until such time as you receive financial compensation for your injuries.
Step Two
We get some details to help with your case.

Information is Power

Your Lerners Lawyer and supporting legal team will collect needed information from you and others about the nature of your injury and begin preparing your case. We also work to make sure important insurance forms are filled out properly and in a timely fashion and that all requirements are met.
Step Three
You focus on your recovery while we get to work.

Legal Expertise and Medical Support

We not only support you with legal expertise, we work to connect you with rehabilitation and medical professionals to treat your injuries and speed your recovery. While you recuperate, Lerners Lawyers work to ensure you get what you need to enjoy the best possible quality of life in the wake of your injury.
Step Four
Whether your case is settled or goes to trial, we stay the course.

We Do What's Right for You and Your Case

This step can require some patience. Your case will be put through the rigors of the legal and insurance systems. While each case is different, Lerners Lawyers will continue to advocate on your behalf for as long as necessary.
Step Five
We win or you pay nothing.

We're in this Together

We can’t promise you a specific outcome--this can be an involved and complicated process. But we can promise to remain at your side from start to finish and never give up. Unless you’re compensated for your injuries, you won’t be charged for our services. Click here to learn more about contingency fees.
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