Top Ontario Motorcycle Routes

As teenagers, most of us fought our parents for autonomy over our decisions.  We wanted tattoos. We wanted to dye our hair blue, study fermentation sciences, like who we like and love who we love.

We wanted to get a motorcycle.

I wanted a motorcycle, and when I was 17 years old, my father enrolled our entire family in a motorcycle course so we could get our licences. And he bought us all motorcycles.

That’s the sign of a desperate man there, folks. My dad was so eager to have us want to spend time with him that he was willing to bribe us to do it. It was an expensive move, and it worked.

Our family would spend weekends tooling around the Ontario countryside: my Dad on a BMW touring bike, my Mom on a Honda Goldwing, my brothers on Suzuki Hayabusas, and me on a Kawasaki Ninja, 500. While I am many moons removed from 17, I still vividly remember those trips: the calm exhilaration, the reverberating and nulling sound of the wind against my helmet, the dude on the Harley who took pity on me and explained that chaps were not meant for a sport bike and that I was unwittingly committing a major motorwear faux-paus.

In my time on the road with my family, we explored thousands of kilometers of pristinely rugged Ontario beauty, and recently, I’ve taken to the road to explore them again. Today, I’m going to tell you where you can get a glimpse of the best vistas from the vantage of your trusty bike.

Top Ontario Motorcycle Routes

Ontario’s Highlands

The Calabogie Road in Ontario’s Highlands is one of the best motorcycle routes in Ontario – and it’s one of many primo routes in this region. Think over 1000kms of twisting handcrafted roads, panoramas featuring soothing country life, and over 100 motorcycle friendly attractions and business to welcome the weary traveller as you wind your way through the area. Visit Ride the Highlands to plan your trip.

The Kawarthas

This is a personal favorite. Our family cottage was located in this area, and the stunning variety and breathtaking landscapes make it a must ride. From towering rock escarpments to fabulously twisted treks like Northey’s Bay Road and Buckhorn Road, you’re going to love the Kawarthas.

The Grand Algoma

This loop is a top pick among avid cruisers. Wild, rugged and largely unpopulated terrain and soul expanding hills and valleys are only part of its charm. Touring this area is nothing short of a life-affirming experience.

Lake Superior

If you want some heart-stopping views, then add this bad boy to your bucket list. You’ve got valleys and mountains in Marathon, and phenomenal views of Lake Superior from Sault Ste. Marie to all the way to Wawa. You’ve got a cool canopy of trees over the road leading into Copper Harbour that will shade the way, and make your day. Plan in advance for this trip. It’s a doozy.

The Temiskaming Loop

If motorcycle routes were people, this would be the Queen of them all. Almost everyone knows the music, and almost everyone loves it. The Temiskaming Loop is home to the famous Biker’s Reunion, and it makes sense: this route was made for touring. Starting from the depths of Northeastern Ontario with a return route via Quebec, you get to experience Ontario’s natural and cultural diversity in one amazing ride.

Georgian Bay

Stick to the coast and you’re in for a treat. By land and by water, you’ll love this ride. Ride the Grey Bruce will corral you around Georgian Bay, into Grey Bruce, on a ferry ride to Manitoulin Island, along meandering beaches like Sauble Beach and Singing Sands, all the way to the Niagara Escarpment.

South Western Ontario

If you’re serious about touring, then you’ve gotta stop here. Port Dover is home to Canada’s biggest motorcycle event, Friday the 13th; this is where bikers congregate to revel in all things motorcycle. Combine this with rolling farmland, sandy beaches, and charming small towns and you’ve got a little slice of heaven on earth.

Ride the Edge

This is a trek I’ve only experienced in recent years, and its popularity is relatively new among bikers across the province. Crazy twists and satin smooth terrain conspire to make an incredible experience. Located in just North of Toronto in the Explorer’s Edge region, riders can take in lakes, rivers, and rocky cliffs while cruising through soft rides as well as some seriously technical twists.

Here’s the thing: just by reading this article, you’ve placed yourself in a distinct, comparatively small and noble population whose idea of bliss means no barriers, no restraints and – wheels to the road – nothing between you and the world but the wind. It doesn’t matter if you live in Ontario or are passing through, these roads were made for motorcycles.

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