Fishing In Ontario: Where Are They Bitin’?

If you have plans to go fishing this season, we’ve got you covered! Today, we’ll share with you some of the best spots for northern pike, smallmouth bass, musky, and salmon. And we’ll even let you in on which spots are the best for snagging a trophy catch!

It promises to be a thriving year for fishing in Ontario. Which of these top spots will have you casting your line?

Lake Ontario

The province’s namesake and smallest of all the Great Lakes offers some of the best salmon fishing outside of British Columbia. It’s a frequent choice of many anglers hoping to bring home a trophy catch. Lake Ontario also has the distinction of holding the record for the biggest Coho Salmon at 28.64 pounds!


Bay of Quinte. The long, narrow bay located on the northern shore of Lake Ontario, west of the St. Lawrence River is considered among the best places in North America for Walleye.

Lake of the Woods

Boasting more than 104,607 kilometres of coastal shoreline, Lake of the Woods offers a pristine wilderness experience. With nearly 14,000 islands dotting its clear blue waters, the lake is mostly a series of large islands, narrow channels, and long bays; there only a few areas of open waterways. Several species of fish call The Lake of the Woods home, including northern pike, walleye, smallmouth bass, muskie, yellow perch and lake trout.


Lake of the Woods: Southeast.  This area, which includes Nestor Falls and Sioux Narrows, is a must for those wanting to take home a trophy walleye, smallmouth bass, or musky!

Lake Nipissing

Located just 50 km northeast of Georgian Bay, and covering 831 square kilometres, Lake Nipissing is a somewhat shallow and very well aerated fishing spot.  It shallowness and aeration mean plants and fish are in abundance.  It’s a desirable area for those with their eye on pickerel or walleye. How good is the fishing here? Let me put it this way – if you catch your allowable limit of fish, locals will show their sympathy for your ‘bad day.’


Cache Bay, at the mouths of the French and Sturgeon Rivers. You’ll find Northern Pike are abundant in these waters!

Wilmer Trout Ponds

If you’re newer to fishing or if you’re looking to introduce your kids to the sport, Wilmer Trout Ponds may be just what you’re looking for. Stocked with naturally fed rainbow trout, Wilmer Trout Pond is ideal for families and beginners.  It’s located in the Grey-Bruce area, 40 kilometres south of Owen Sound.


There’s no such thing as an unlucky pond at Wilmer Trout Pond. You’ll find success at any location, and you can catch as much as you want – there are no limits, and fishing licenses are not required.

Ontario lakes, rivers, streams, and ponds offer countless hours of family enjoyment away from the noise and demands of city life. Whether you’re fishing for the day or planning a week in the woods, you can find exactly what you’re looking for in one of the thousands of Ontario fishing spots.

Be sure to check back next week, when we talk about the Best Lures for Ontario Fishing!

Do you have a favourite spot that we’ve overlooked? Let us know in the comments below!

Happy Fishing!

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