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Injured MVA Plaintiffs Injured Again with Increased Deductible – Inflation Hits Hard

Effective January 1, 2022, the monetary threshold and deductibles for determining the pain and suffering damages for a plaintiff injured in a motor vehicle accident increased significantly due to the high inflation rate felt across the country. An indexation rate of 4.4% was applied. For 2022, the monetary threshold is $138,343.86, and the deductible is […]...Read More

You Can Handle the Truth! The Examination for Discovery: How do you prepare?

Many of my clients get anxious when they have to do their examination for discovery and it is understandable why they would – during the discovery they will be asked questions by a lawyer, an unknown experience for most people. We all tend to be nervous for the unknown. And, of course, there is the […]...Read More

The Hard Truth: Justice Takes Time

One of the most common questions we hear from clients is “how long is my lawsuit going to take? Alysia Christiaen shares the hard truth and some reassurance....Read More

The Court Provides a Way to Fight Cyber-Bullying: Internet Harassment Tort

Cyber-bullying is a serious problem that is getting worse as we have been driven online to an even greater extent due to the pandemic. I cringe at the number of hours I myself spend on social media when I get my weekly usage report from my phone. Unfortunately, not everyone is able to enjoy spending […]...Read More

Can I Replace My Income When Injured?

Suffering injuries in an accident can result in having to take time off of work to recover and to focus on rehabilitation and treatment. Many people are fearful of taking the time needed to recover because of the impact it will have on their income. There are several benefits that may be available to an […]...Read More

Even More Stress: The Psychological Impact of Litigation

After getting injured in an accident – of any kind – it is a certainty that the injured person will experience stress. There is the stress that comes with getting appropriate medical care and treatment. If you are not able to return to work, there is the stress that is associated with being on a […]...Read More

Research Development: Using Artificial Intelligence to Identify PTSD

Many people who are exposed to trauma, such as those who are injured in an accident, go on to develop Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). PTSD and traumatic brain injury often co-exist because brain injuries are frequently sustained in traumatic experiences. Researchers at the Lawson Health Research Institute and Western University are developing a method to […]...Read More

A “Brain Kiln” to Benefit the Delhi Community Health Centre!

On Friday, September 28, I hosted a trivia night – the “Brain Kiln” – to benefit the Delhi Community Health Centre. While the trivia questions had people scratching their heads to come up with the answers, many laughs were had throughout the night. The Delhi Cheeseballs won the Norfolk County trivia round (and the accompanying […]...Read More

Reelin’ in the Big One in Owen Sound

Lerners was again a proud sponsor of the Salmon Spectacular in Owen Sound, the annual fishing derby that took place August 24 – September 2. The 10-day festivities include nightly entertainment, bingo, breakfast with Elvis, and my personal favourite, the Fish Fry each Saturday night. All of the fish fried up for the delectable dinners […]...Read More

Car Accident Testimonial – Meet Eleanor

Eleanor was on her way to work one morning when everything in her life changed in an instant. She was involved in a car accident, hit from behind on a country road. After her accident, Eleanor suffered from concussion symptoms, including headaches and visual difficulties. A lot of her struggles she never shared, but eventually […]...Read More

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