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Is It Important to Have Car Insurance?

The short answer to this question is – YES, YES, YES and YES! Under no circumstances should you ever drive a car, truck, or any other kind of motorized vehicle when there is even a hint of doubt as to whether proper insurance is in place. The consequences to you could be disastrous. Let me […]...Read More

My Personal Top Five – Signs of Spring

I grew up in the small hamlet of Turkey Point, on the shores of Lake Erie. There is no question that my awareness of the natural world around me was shaped by the rural, lakeside environment in which I was raised. To this day I remain very attuned to nature, something which inspires my personal […]...Read More

Tent rental industry reeling from death

Andrew Murray comments on his client’s involvement at the inquest into the death of Jeremy Bowley, 21 — a student electrocuted Aug. 1, 2013, when a tent he and co-workers were raising struck a power line. Watch the full video on CTV London....Read More

Monthly Peer Review Luncheon – SCI Ontario

Lerners has been a long and steady supporter of Spinal Cord Injury Ontario. One of the SCI Ontario initiatives that I personally find very informative is the monthly peer review luncheon held at Parkwood Hospital, where individuals who have recently suffered a spinal cord injury get the benefit of meeting and hearing from those who […]...Read More

Coroner’s Inquest: Frequently Asked Questions

The Office of the Coroner for Ontario has a statutory obligation to conduct an inquest into deaths that occur in certain prescribed circumstances, and a discretionary right to call for an inquest to be held, even outside of the circumstances that give rise to a mandatory inquest.  The over-arching desire is to ensure that no […]...Read More

Andrew Murray Would Definitely Be an Ambassador for Canada

Andrew Murray – The personal injury lawyer and partner answers some rapid-fire questions… If I weren’t a lawyer, I’d be: An ambassador for Canada, posted to another country. Best career advice I’ve gotten: Let your reputation be such that should anyone speak ill of you, no one will believe it! The three qualities that got me […]...Read More

Families battle province over ‘daunting’ inquests

Ontario government appeals ruling that aids families navigating ‘daunting’ probes of loved ones’ deaths. Andrew Murray comments on the province’s decision to appeal… Read the full LFPress article....Read More

Injuries take a heavy toll on mental health and well-being

I have helped people who have been injured for more than two decades now. Even though we are becoming more open and accepting about the wide range of help available to people who are suffering psychological distress, I continue to see the same shame and embarrassment in my clients that I saw at the beginning […]...Read More

So What is My Duty to Clear Snow and Ice at My Home?

Lawyers are a prime target to get cornered at a cocktail party and then be asked answers to random legal questions. During the winter months, one of the more common questions I get asked relates to the responsibilty to clear snow and ice. I don’t mind this question as I generally don’t think people appreciate […]...Read More

The Case for Winter Tires: One Personal Injury Lawyer’s Perspective

I’ll admit it that I am biased in my enthusiasm for dedicated winter tires; I’ve had a set of winter tires for every car that I’ve owned for as long as I can remember. But keeping my own preference aside, I want to outline why everything I’ve learned in my law practice supports this personal […]...Read More

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