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Ontario should follow Saskatchewan’s lead on revenge porn law

Ontario should follow Saskatchewan’s lead by introducing revenge porn legislation that makes it easier for victims to sue people who share their intimate images without consent, Toronto civil sexual abuse lawyer Anna Matas tells AdvocateDaily.com. Saskatchewan’s Privacy Amendment Act, 2017, which is currently before the provincial legislature, makes it a tort for a person to […]...Read More

Grace and Matas to explore emerging issues in civil sexual assault

Anna Matas Toronto civil sexual abuse lawyers Elizabeth Grace and Anna Matas will take part in an upcoming conference entitled Current and Emerging Issues in Civil Sexual Assault. Grace, a partner with Lerners LLP, will co-chair the full-day event, which will take place in Toronto on Feb. 26 at the Osgoode Professional Development Centre at […]...Read More

Case highlights why judges’ training is needed

Quebec’s justice minister will file a complaint against a judge who said a 17-year-old victim of sexual assault had a pretty face and was maybe a “bit flattered” at the interest shown in her. Le Journal de Montreal reported Wednesday that Quebec court Judge Jean-Paul Braun made the comments earlier this year during the sexual […]...Read More

Missed opportunities when derivative claims for sexual abuse aren’t considered

Both physical and psychological injuries affect survivors of sexual abuse and sexual assault directly. But a survivor may not be the only person who suffers and is harmed as a result of sexual misconduct. In many cases, the impact of sexual misconduct is felt not only by the survivor, but also by those close to […]...Read More

Law takes aim at cyberbullies

Cyberbullying is a broad term encompassing a range of verbal and emotional abuse that occurs over the Internet. Unlike traditional bullying, which generally requires bully and victim to be in the same place at the same time, cyberbullies can inflict harm asynchronously, while remaining remote in time and space from their victims. Victims, especially young […]...Read More

A Bankrupt Can’t Escape a Judgment for Sexual Assault

A judgment for sexual assault or sexual abuse is not extinguished by the defendant’s bankruptcy. This blog addresses the practical steps a survivor of sexual assault or sexual abuse must take to enforce the judgment following the abuser’s bankruptcy....Read More

Liability and the Sexually Transmitted Disease

Contracting and STD without Prior Knowledge Consider this scenario: Following consensual sex, an individual discovers they have been infected with a sexually transmitted disease. If he or she had known their partner was infected, they would not have consented to unprotected sex. Although this potential plaintiff may have a civil claim for battery and/or negligence, […]...Read More

Expanding Amicus Services in Civil Lawsuits

I was recently interviewed by Law Times regarding Pro Bono Law Ontario’s (PBLO) focus on expanding its amicus curiae services in civil lawsuits. Both Elizabeth K.P. Grace and I were approached by PBLO in connection with this project. In our view, it is a positive move and an important component in promoting access to fairness […]...Read More

Amicus role in civil suits expanded

Pro Bono Law Ontario says it’s looking to expand its amicus curiae services in civil lawsuits. In fact, Superior Court Justice Eva Frank reached out to PBLO about perhaps getting amicus counsel recently when faced with an unrepresented defendant in a complex civil sexual assault case. Sure enough, PBLO was able to find lawyers at […]...Read More

Sexual Abuse at School: Who is Responsible?

Sexual abuse lawyer Elizabeth Grace reviews the state of the law on school board liability for sexual assaults by teachers on students....Read More

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