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Bill Simpson's Archive

Winter Tire Contest 2020

Winter tires are made to maintain better traction in  cold weather, and on icy, snowy, or slushy roads. Every year I make a post about winter tires and safe driving.  As a personal injury lawyer, I have seen first-hand the difference that having a set of quality winter tires can make in being safe on the […]...Read More

Be Merry & Be Gentle

The holidays are fast approaching. I struggle with the holidays – and I know that many of my clients do, too.  Every year I have clients who are inpatients at the hospital who can’t enjoy the holidays like they normally do with their family and friends.  Other clients are trying their best to take treatment […]...Read More

South Huron Hospital Foundation Gala

On June 7th, Lerners LLP was proud to attend the South Huron Hospital Foundation Gala, which took place at the Exeter Community Centre. Nigel Gilby, Maia Bent, Karen Simpson, Greg Willson and myself, along with our guests, and more than 750 other people, attended the gala, which raises money to support health care initiatives in […]...Read More

Setting Goals for a New Year

January is a time for reflecting on the year to come and for setting goals. It’s a chance to consider the year just passed and to sift through the things that really matter in life – and those that don’t. So often in my legal practice I interact with families who tell me that they […]...Read More

Car Accident Testimonial – Meet Jen

“I’d be pretty lost without Bill.” Jen was coming home from her parent’s house when another driver came through a stop sign and struck her. Jen was battered from head to toe as a result of the car accident and had a long road to recovery ahead. Paper work started to pile up and Jen began […]...Read More

Looking Forward

I met with a new client recently. His name is “Doug”. Doug was a pedestrian crossing the street when he was struck by a vehicle. Doug was badly hurt and taken to the hospital where he was treated and admitted; he is now in an active rehabilitation program and is trying to recover from his […]...Read More

By Nature, Necessity and By Choice – I Will Be Here Whenever You Need Me

My phone rang about a month ago. It was a former client, John (“John” is an alias). I hadn’t heard from John in several years – since shortly after his case settled – but I often wondered how he was making out. In fact, about six weeks before he called me, my clerk, Lisa, and […]...Read More

Meet Shannon & Pete

Bill Simpson not only recovers fair compensation for his clients, he aims to make things as easy for them as they can possibly be. Shannon and Peter came to Lerners Personal Injury Lawyers and Bill Simpson after being involved in a car accident when someone ran a stop sign. Post car accident, things started to […]...Read More

To Pass or Not to Pass? That is the Question

Have you ever found yourself driving down a highway wondering about the painted lines on the road? Is it really ‘illegal’ to pass on a solid yellow line? What law actually governs “lines” on a roadway? Section 149 of the Highway Traffic Act deals, in part, with lines on a road. It says that a […]...Read More

We’re Proud to Support Jessica’s House

Being a Part of Our Community It is without question, our privilege to be able to support the communities that have supported us throughout the years, but even more importantly we believe it is this kind of support that strengthens our communities for all who live in them. It is for this reason that I’m […]...Read More

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