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Hollywood Car Crash vs Real Life

Over the last 16 months or so, and especially during the lockdown periods, I have found myself watching more movies than I used to. Recently, my wife and I discussed a joint pet peeve that characters often seem to act irrationally when faced with a real world event so that the plot can move forward. […]...Read More

Advocating for the Injured: It Starts with your Health

As a personal injury lawyer, I take pride in advocating for my clients. In every case, my client has been injured and comes to me for guidance through the complicated legal hoops that they will face during their recovery. In most cases, my clients initially believe that my role in their recovery will be limited […]...Read More

Long-term Disability Benefits: Contracts and Confusion

Anyone who has been severely injured will tell you the same thing: one of the most stressful aspects of their recovery is the unknown. How long will their recovery take? What if they cannot return to their previous employment? Who is going to pay the bills? What benefits and other rights do they have available […]...Read More

The Legal ABCs on ATVs

I recently had the opportunity to attend the excellent Talk Trauma Conference, hosted by London Health Science Centre. I found the most impactful and inspiring aspect of the conference to be the final speaker of the day, who told the harrowing story of her adolescent son’s long recovery after he was catastrophically injured when he […]...Read More

Celebrating in Style: Big Brothers Big Sisters of London and Area

For the past two years I have been fortunate to serve as a committee member for the Big Bash, a yearly gala celebration of the excellent work that Big Brothers Big Sisters of London and Area (BBBSOLA) provides to local youth. This year marked the 40th anniversary of the Big Bash and I am happy […]...Read More

A Family Affair: Family Law Act Claims resulting from Personal Injury

When I ask an injured client to explain exactly how they were injured, they often answer in a similar way: “it happened in a split second”. In that split second, an accident victim’s entire life may have changed. They may be severely injured and face months or years of recovery and they may never return […]...Read More

Metal and Mettle: Motor Vehicles Collisions with Pedestrians and Cyclists

Spring is my favorite season. With the warming temperatures it’s once again a pleasure to be outside. It also heralds the Stanley Cup playoffs and the beginning of the baseball season, but that’s a different blog for a different day. Having been outside more often in the last few weeks I have noticed that there […]...Read More

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