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Navigating Trails… Not Trials

If you are like me, summer might be your favourite time of year. The days are long and sunny, the weather is generally pleasant, and there is a variety of outdoor activities that are available to you. The summer days bring out a lot of nostalgia for my younger days. I often reminisce of those […]...Read More

Chris Dawson Would Definitely Be a University Professor.

Chris Dawson – The personal injury lawyer and partner answers some rapid-fire questions… If I weren’t a lawyer, I’d be: A university professor. Before law school, I had just completed my Master’s degree and wasn’t sure if I’d go into law or go for a Phd. I chose law and haven’t looked back. Best career […]...Read More

Drone Age: Legal Considerations

Do you own a drone? Do you know someone who does? Are you thinking of getting one? Most of us have at least seen one by now. In recent years drones have really grown in popularity. Many companies are beginning to use them for all kinds of purposes, including things such as videography, surveillance, and […]...Read More

Marijuana Legalization in Canada and the Concern of Impaired Driving

In the coming months, we will find out whether the Liberals will make good on their campaign promise of legalizing marijuana. Last year, the Liberals indicated they would introduce new legislation and rules concerning legalization by April 2017. Online, the party’s statement regarding their plans for decriminalization reads: “To ensure that we keep marijuana out […]...Read More

Merry Birthday – ‘Tis the Season of Giving

I was born on Boxing Day. Yes, the day after Christmas. And yes, my name is Chris, there is a connection there. Years and years of people saying to me “oh, you were born the day after Christmas, that must be hard. You must get forgotten.” Then, of course, the real resentment of a December […]...Read More

Death by Selfie

It was only a few years ago that “selfie” was one of the new words inducted into Webster’s dictionary of the English language. Now, it is a concept that is common place all over the globe. Unfortunately, more and more news stories have been surfacing of selfie related deaths. Several months ago, for example, a […]...Read More

“I knew that I would have the best legal representation with Lerners…”

“I knew that I would have the best legal representation with Lerners, but I didn’t realize that everyone would be so kind and genuinely care about my well-being and that of my family.” G.K., Medical Secretary, London Ontario  ...Read More

“I was very impressed that Chris was able to negotiate a great settlement for me so quickly.”

“I had a serious car accident when I was hit by a car while crossing the street. I hired a lawyer shortly after the accident but I soon became unhappy with that lawyer. Chris came highly recommended and so I decided to call him. He came and visited me at my home and, after meeting […]...Read More

“Treated me with respect and kept me aware ……”

“Mr. Chris Dawson is a very good lawyer.  Professional! Treated me with respect and kept me aware of all the positive or any negative throughout the process.  I wish him all the success in his life! Thank you Chris.” P.R., Gemologist, London Ontario  ...Read More

Meet Maria G.

“I would highly recommend the services of Christopher Dawson and Shawn Smith of Lerners LLP for somebody needing legal counsel for representation in personal injury.  These two gentlemen were very supportive, understanding, and sympathetic in dealing with my case.  They took the extra time to explain every detail and to prepare me in dealing with […]...Read More

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