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Chris Dawson quoted in Law Times article on duties around publication bands

An Ontario Superior Court judge has found reporters have a positive duty to find out about the scope of a non-statutory publication ban even if the court doesn’t set it out accurately in open court or post it in an easily accessible location. Justice Duncan Grace made the finding in awarding $40,000 in damages to a witness in a sexual assault trial whom the London Free Press […]...Read More

Fun in the Sun – Safety on the Water

Summer is generally a time when people want to get outdoors, enjoy the weather and have fun. Cottages, campsites and beaches are popular summer destinations. Many summertime activities centre around water; whether relaxing on a pool or lake or taking part in water sports such as boating, jet skiing and swimming. However, we are often […]...Read More

Upcoming Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule Changes

Change is the name of the game when it comes to Ontario car insurance.  It seems that every year our legislature is keen to make changes to our auto insurance laws.  Similarly, it would appear we are currently on a five and a half year cycle where the Accident Benefits system gets a substantial overhaul.  […]...Read More

A Recent Success at the Court of Appeal

A decision from the Ontario Court of Appeal confirms a spinal cord injured person’s entitlement to accident benefits when he tripped over a motorcycle. Lerners lawyers Nigel Gilby, Jasmine Akbarali and Chris Dawson successfully argued that parking a vehicle is an ordinary and well known activity that would entitle one to accident benefits. This is […]...Read More

Lerners bowls for Spinal Cord Injury Ontario

On Monday March 21st lawyers and staff from Lerners participated in the SCIO Roll & Bowl charity fundraiser.  Lerners won in two categories: highest fundraising team and Nigel Gilby was the highest individual fundraiser, which continues his annual streak that has been alive since the event was created several years ago.  The event was a huge success and raised over […]...Read More

A Recent Success at Court of Appeal

As is often the case in personal injury matters, decisions before the Court are borne out of tragic and unusual circumstances. The case of Economical v. Caughy was certainly nothing less than tragic and unusual. So unusual, that it created an issue of whether Mr. Caughy would be entitled to accident benefits. Almost four years […]...Read More

Is there Science to Happiness?

The science of happiness has been getting some attention online lately.  While not necessarily a new discipline, the science of happiness seems to be gaining some popularity.  But what exactly is the science of happiness? The science of happiness is an approach to psychology.  Its preeminent co-founders are psychologists Dr. Martin Seligman and Dr. Mihaly […]...Read More

Watching the Creation of Memories from Inside the Brain

We all know the brain is the centre of human consciousness.  The brain also controls all of our subconscious thoughts, as well as it acts as the processor for all of the body’s functions.  Memories, too, also are formed and recorded in the brain.  For years scientists have been mystified about how the brain is […]...Read More

Planes, Trains and …… Spacecraft?

At one time only a select few people had the privilege of going into space.  It required extensive training and you had to be either an astronaut or a cosmonaut.  In the years following that, the Russian Government sought to capture more revenue and allowed private people to fund their own way into space using […]...Read More

Colour-blind artist uses an implant to hear colour

A 31 year old artist named Neil Harbisson was born colour blind.  He was born with achromatopsia, a rare condition limiting his vision to only black and white.  Ten years ago, however, Harbisson began wearing an external electronic eye that would receive colour frequencies through a camera and then transform each unique frequency into sound […]...Read More

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