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Should I “Stay in My Lane?”

David Isaac, Personal Injury Lawyer, answers one of the most contentious questions in cycling and shares his personal experience....Read More

The Confusing New Legislation Governing E-Cargo Bikes

*[1] The Ontario Government recently enacted a regulation governing large electric cargo bikes meant for commercial use. Or rather, the government tried to do that, but unfortunately it appeared to leave out the key provision stating that it applies only to heavy commercial e-cargo bikes.[2] Because this is not stated in the legislation, the regulation […]...Read More

Top 6 Road Fines for Cyclists in Ontario

When you ride your bike, you are considered to be a “vehicle” and, like all vehicles, you are governed by the Highway Traffic Act (“HTA”). However, you may not know that there are a few laws in the HTA that only apply to cyclists. Some of these laws carry significant fines for cyclists. Below is a […]...Read More

What happens if I get “doored” in Ontario?

Winning the “door prize” is an experience all cyclists dread. You’re happily biking down the road, when suddenly a car door is opened in front of you and before you have time to stop you’re flying through the air. The first thing to do after you’ve been doored is make sure you’re safe. If you […]...Read More

To wear a helmet or not to wear – your questions answered

Whether cyclists must wear a helmet depends on how old the cyclist is, however there are some complications for parents and guardians of minor cyclists. Section 104 of the Highway Traffic Act (“HTA”) appears straightforward, stating that “no person shall ride or operate a bicycle on a highway unless the person is wearing a bicycle […]...Read More

Why I Bike in the Winter

Today is Winter Bike to Work Day. Around the world, thousands of people are braving the cold weather, getting on their bikes and making their way to work or school. Since I was a kid, I’ve always liked biking. I even used to bike to work—my first job was a paper route, which I occasionally […]...Read More

Who has to Shovel your Sidewalk?

People often wonder—usually just after a big snowfall—whether they really have to shovel their sidewalks. The answer to that question depends on what city you live in, and whether you are worried about liability if someone falls on your sidewalk, or about getting a fine. In Ontario, cities and municipalities are legally responsible for injuries […]...Read More

Cold Weather Cycling Tips

As a year-round cyclist, I find cold weather to be bittersweet. While it’s nice to stay cool on my ride to work in the morning, biking in cold weather certainly has its challenges. Here are a few tips to make your cold weather bike ride safe and comfortable. Bundle Up Before it gets too cold […]...Read More

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