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The Criminal Act of Voyeurism in the Age of Video Chats

In a recent decision from Ontario’s Court of Appeal (R v. Trinchi, 2019 ONCA 456), the court upheld the conviction of a man for committing “voyeurism”, a charge that was introduced to the Criminal Code of Canada in 2005. The act? Secretly capturing screenshots during consensual nude video chats. The accused was in a long-distance […]...Read More

Things to Know when Applying to the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario

If you have been harassed, because of your sex or another element of your identity, you may wish to apply to the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario (HRTO) for compensation and/or non-monetary relief. Here, I highlight some practical considerations if you are thinking about seeking recourse through the HRTO. What is harassment? Harassment is defined […]...Read More

Sexual Assault Case Testimonial

I’m writing to say thank you for representing me in my legal case over the last two years. During the summer I went on an amazing two month long trip, and I’m excited to report I’ve just begun back at school full time! Not only did the outcome of the case remove some of the […]...Read More

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