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Compensation Awards in Sexual Assault Cases – Introduction

This blog provides an introduction to the trends in compensation awards sexual abuse cases....Read More

I was sexually assaulted. Why should I sue?

“Why should I sue?” There are a number of good reasons why you might wish to sue if you have been sexually assaulted. First, if you have been harmed by this kind of unlawful conduct, you are entitled to compensation under the law. Often the harms caused by sexual abuse have direct financial implications, such […]...Read More

I was sexually assaulted. Who can I sue?

Who can I sue? You can, of course, sue the individual who sexually assaulted you. To do so, it is best (although not necessary in all cases) if this individual is still alive, his or her whereabouts known and he or she has sufficient assets to pay you compensation (bearing in mind that he or […]...Read More

I was sexually assaulted. What kind of claim do I have?

Because sexual assault or sexual abuse is recognized as being wrongful in many areas of the law, there are a variety of different kinds of claims that can be brought, depending on what happened, when it happened and who was involved. The civil justice system allows persons who have suffered a sexual assault to sue […]...Read More

I was sexually assaulted. Do I have a claim?

Yes, if you were sexually assaulted, you have a claim. Sexual assault (also described as sexual abuse) is recognized as wrongful in many areas of the law, including our civil and criminal court systems. However, before actually proceeding with a claim, there are many things that need to be considered. Relevant considerations include whether there […]...Read More

Compassion key to helping abuse victims, lawyers told

Compassion and understanding are key to protecting sexual abuse claimants from revictimization incourt, according to a new guide for lawyers released by the Law Society of Upper Canada… Compassion-key-to-helping-abuse-victims-lawyers-told...Read More

Scouts Canada dismisses reports it didn’t share child abuse allegations

Elizabeth Grace contacted by Postmedia News for comment

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How distinct limitations apply to assault claims

This blog is outdated following changes to the Limitations Act, 2002 in 2016....Read More

Sexual Assault Case Testimonial- “Elizabeth was a relentless advocate for my rights and helped restore the dignity I once lost.”

Client testimonial from an individual sexually abused by a health care professional....Read More

Sexual Assault Case Testimonial- “I met Elizabeth Grace and Gillian Hnatiw in person….they epitomized the best of professionalism, efficiency, as well as appropriate personal sensitivity”

Client testimonial from a woman who experienced violent sexual assault in her home....Read More

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