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Emerging leadership award given to Lianna Yeung.

Toronto financial services lawyer Lianna Yeung has received the 2017 Elizabeth Grace Emerging Leaders Award. Yeung, who works in-house as the manager, legal counsel at Capital One Bank, was honoured for her work with victims of domestic violence and other vulnerable individuals. The award, in its third year, is named after Toronto lawyer and Lerners […]...Read More

When A Criminal Defence Must Yield To Civil Protections: The Use Of Compelled Documentary Productions From A Civil Lawsuit

Because sexual assault is a recognized wrong in many areas of our substantive law, it is quite common for a civil lawsuit to run in parallel with a criminal proceeding arising from the same alleged wrongdoing. When civil, administrative and/or criminal cases take place at the same time, or one after the other, there can […]...Read More

Criminal v. Civil: How the Criminal Process Can Impact a Parallel Civil Process

The wrong that constitutes a sexual offence is invariably also actionable before the civil courts. As a civil litigator who both advances and defends civil actions based on sexual misconduct, I often encounter cases where there is or may be an overlap between the criminal and civil justice systems. I believe it behooves both the […]...Read More

Jehovah’s Witnesses’ sexual abuse response raises concerns

Recently, CBC News reported on a Radio-Canada investigation that alleged Jehovah’s Witnesses are not only failing to protect children who have been sexually abused by their members, including by elders in leadership positions, but are also failing to deal appropriately with allegations of child sexual abuse when they do surface. CBC News described how Jehovah’s Witnesses’ internal […]...Read More

Court Breaks New Ground for Sexual Assault Cases

Court’s Interpretation of “Limitations Act” May Remove Limits for Pursuing Sexual Assault Cases Long After a Death A recent decision by the Ontario Superior Court may pave the way for lawsuits based on sexual assault to be brought long after this was previously thought possible. Until recently, it was assumed a death – either of […]...Read More

Defamation risk is real for those accusing Trump

Women coming forward in the wake of new harassment allegations against the U.S. presidential candidate should be aware of the risk of defamation, warns Toronto civil sexual abuse lawyer Elizabeth Grace....Read More

Sexual Abuse Survivors Beware – The Defamation Risk

Practical Tips to Help Survivors of Sexual Abuse Minimize the Risk of Being Sued for Defamation....Read More

Elizabeth Grace Goes to Bat for Assault Survivors

Elizabeth Grace says her most vulnerable sexual abuse clients are receiving ‘second-rate’ compensation after enduring difficult and intrusive legal processes....Read More

Sexual Assault Case Testimonial – Elizabeth Grace

Client testimonial from a survivor of repeated sexual abuse by priests....Read More

Emerging leadership award given to Ashley Fisch

The Elizabeth Grace emerging leadership award recognizes practical, policy and/or academic law-work in areas that advance the understanding of sexual and/or domestic violence and abuse....Read More

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