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Law makes civil sex assault litigation easier (Elizabeth Grace quoted)

Civil sexual assault litigation will be less cumbersome and costly to plaintiffs now the Ontario government has passed Bill 132 lawyers say. Elizabeth Grace, a partner at Lerners LLP, said the bill broadens the “no limitation rule” to other forms of sexual misconduct. The old system didn’t catch abuse over the Internet, such as children […]...Read More

Improved access and limitation period removal should be part of reform

It’s time for Ontario to re-establish itself as a Canadian leader in the advancement of the rights of sexual violence and harassment victims with a goal of creating an environment that’s more safe, fair and understanding for current and future generations, Toronto lawyer Elizabeth Grace recently told the province’s Select Committee on Sexual Violence and Harassment. Grace […]...Read More

EG award promotes legal change in domestic and sexual abuse

Emerging female lawyers can use the “power, privilege and voice” of their legal training to bring greater awareness and legal responsiveness to the area of sexual or domestic violence and abuse, says Toronto personal injury and health lawyer Elizabeth Grace. “Legal change can and does happen in a way that makes a positive difference in the lives of […]...Read More

Big Brothers Sexual Abuse

A civil suit was commenced against Big Brothers of Peel Region by a Little Brother who was sexually abused by his Big Brother....Read More

Sexual Abuse Cases: Who Pays the Legal Bills?

A review of the costs issues that arise when a defendant offers to settle a sexual abuse claim....Read More

Proposed bill removes barriers, improves access to justice

The Ontario government has introduced a new bill which, if passed, would amend various statutes related to sexual violence, harassment and domestic violence, eliminating technical barriers that have long plagued such claims, says Toronto lawyer Elizabeth Grace. If adopted, Bill 132, Sexual Violence and Harassment Action Plan Act (Supporting Survivors and Challenging Sexual Violence and Harassment), would, […]...Read More

Sexual Abuse & Limitation Periods in Ontario: Soon a Thing of the Past?

Sexual abuse lawyer Elizabeth Grace reviews the limitation periods applicable to cases of sexual abuse and sexual assault and the proposed changes to Ontario's current Limitations Act. Note: The law has changed since this blog was published. Please contact Elizabeth Grace directly to discuss your case....Read More

Clergy sexual abuse – Reverend David Woodall, United Church Minister

Three civil suits have been commenced against Rev. David Woodall, a former United Church minister, and associated United Church entities. These suits allege that Rev. Woodall sexually abused each of the plaintiffs when they were boys living in Clinton, Ontario and London, Ontario. The individuals who have brought these civil suits were also complainants in […]...Read More

Inaugural leadership award given to Caitlin Maxwell

Lerners LLP and the Women’s Law Association of Ontario (WLAO) are now accepting nominations for the inaugural Elizabeth Grace Emerging Leaders Award, established this year to recognize women in law who are becoming leaders in their fields. Grace, the winner of the WLAO 2014 President’s Award and a partner with Lerners LLP, has been lauded for her outstanding […]...Read More

The ‘unspeakable’: Duggar case brings child-on-child abuse to fore

The visits from the top bunk were frequent and frightening. At first, his older brother would creep down to fondle him while their other three siblings slept in their rural British Columbia bedroom. Things progressed through bribes and threats until the time his brother climbed on top of him, pushing his face into the pillow […]...Read More

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