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Widespread Sexual Abuse of Children in Remote Northern Community Results in Another Priest Being Found Guilty of Sex-Related Offences

The press reported late last week that former Roman Catholic priest and Oblate missionary Eric Dejaeger has been convicted on 24 of 80 sex-related charges involving Inuit children from the remote community of Igloolik in the Territory of Nunavut.  The sexual abuse Dejaeger was charged with reportedly took place in the late 1970s and early […]...Read More

Give victims a choice before imposing I.D. ban

A former Toronto police officer is appealing his criminal conviction and jail sentence in a sexual assault case involving a Chinese immigrant who was forced to perform oral sex on him at the spa where she worked in June 2010, reports the Toronto Sun. Mandip Sandhu was convicted and sentenced last year for forcing the woman to perform […]...Read More

Elizabeth Grace open line guest on Ontario Today with Rita Celli

Elizabeth Grace was invited to be the open line guest on the August 28, 2014 CBC Radio program Ontario Today with Rita Celli.  Elizabeth is interviewed and discusses whether annonymity protects victims of sexual abuse or does it add to the stigma. Listen to the audio program – Does annonymity protect victims?  ...Read More

Grace named top legal influencer

Toronto lawyer Elizabeth Grace has been named one of Canadian Lawyer’s Top 25 Most Influential individuals in the justice system and legal profession for her personal injury work, which focuses on claims arising out of sexual and physical abuse and the transmission of sexual diseases. The magazine’s annual feature considers a lengthy list of nominees before narrowing down the […]...Read More

Grace to receive women’s law award

Toronto lawyer Elizabeth Grace will be awarded the Women’s Law Association of Ontario 2014 President’s Award in recognition of her outstanding service within the profession and her leadership role in advancing the position of women in Ontario. The WLAO President’s Award recognizes a woman who has made a substantial contribution to the legal community as an academic, […]...Read More

The Responsibility of Legal Counsel – Civil Sexual Assault Episode 7

Lawyer Elizabeth Grace describes how she perceives her role as legal counsel to survivors of sexual violence in the course of litigation....Read More

Woman sues CCAS, foster dad who got her pregnant

TORONTO – It was 1978 and she was a vulnerable, 15-year-old foster child placed by the Catholic Children’s Aid in the Scarborough home of a TTC supervisor and his family. “Were it not for the positive DNA match, my client’s story about being raped by her foster father would probably never have been believed, and he would […]...Read More

Should sexual assault victims still be kept anonymous?

In civil court, openness is the rule, says Elizabeth Grace, a lawyer who specializes in cases of sexual assault and abuse. Unlike in criminal cases, she said, it is rare for victims who seek civil redress to ask that their identities are protected. Grace explains to each of her clients that making a civil claim […]...Read More

A Bankrupt Can’t Escape a Judgment for Sexual Assault

A judgment for sexual assault or sexual abuse is not extinguished by the defendant’s bankruptcy. This blog addresses the practical steps a survivor of sexual assault or sexual abuse must take to enforce the judgment following the abuser’s bankruptcy....Read More

Changes in Civil Sexual Assault Law – Civil Sexual Assault Episode 6

Lawyer Elizabeth Grace describes changes she has seen in the law relating to sexual assault and sexual abuse over the past two decades, including changes to the understanding of the meaning of consent, the dispelling of myths in the area and an increased willingness in society....Read More

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