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Cemetery sex attacker declared dangerous offender

She is Russell Kirkpatrick’s final victim, the 61-year-old woman brutally beaten and sexually assaulted in Pine Hills Cemetery four years ago as she lay flowers on her mother’s grave, choked unconscious only to wake hours later and left to crawl naked for five kilometres for help… View Article...Read More

Masseuse taking Toronto cop convicted of sex assault to civil court

The allegations in her claim have not been proven in court and no statement of defence has yet been filed. A spokesman for the Toronto Police board would not comment about an ongoing matter. Lawyer Elizabeth Grace said she has been unable to find and serve Sandhu. “It’s a tragic case of a police officer exploiting the […]...Read More

Assessing Sexual Assault Claims – Civil Sexual Assault Episode 5

Lawyer Elizabeth Grace describes how she goes about assessing a potential sexual assault or sexual abuse claim and what factors go into advising a client about whether to proceed with a civil claim....Read More

Violation of Human Rights May Now Yield Additional Remedies in Abuse Cases

Following changes in Ontario’s human rights legislation, victims can pursue civil remedies (compensation) for violations of human rights protected under the Human Rights Code. Where discrimination on a protected ground accompanies sexual and/or physical abuse, consideration should be given to pursing this remedy....Read More

Challenges Facing Institutions Subject to Sexual Abuse Claims: Civil Sexual Assault Series Episode 4

Lawyer Elizabeth Grace describes challenges facing institutions subject to claims for compensation arising from allegations of sexual abuse or sexual assault....Read More

Challenges Facing Survivors Seeking Redress Through Civil Court: Civil Sexual Assault Series Episode 3

Lawyer Elizabeth Grace describes the challenges that survivors of sexual abuse and sexual assault face seeking redress through civil courts....Read More

Expanding amicus services in civil lawsuits a good move

Pro Bono Law Ontario’s (PBLO) recent focus on expanding its amicus curiae services in civil lawsuits is a positive move that benefits both lawyers and the community, says Toronto personal injury lawyer Elizabeth Grace. … Read advocatedaily.com article...Read More

Lawyers call for higher damages in civil sexual assault cases

As a lawyer who regularly represents victims of sexual abuse, I was interviewed by Law Times about the quantum of damages awarded to successful plaintiffs in civil claims for sexual assault and sexual abuse.  While the courts “readily acknowledge in a general way that sexual abuse causes … profound injury and loss” that recognition hasn’t […]...Read More

The Keys to Assessing Sexual Abuse Claims – Civil Sexual Assault Law Video Series Episode 2

Lawyer Elizabeth Grace describes the keys to assessing sexual abuse and sexual assault claims....Read More

Elizabeth Grace comments on questionable approach to damages for sexual abuse victims

In a recent interview Toronto sexual abuse lawyer, Elizabeth Grace, comments on the courts’ questionable approach to damages for sexual abuse victims. Read advocatedaily.com article...Read More

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