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Why restaurant kitchens often serve up hostile working environments (Gillian Hnatiw quoted)

Sophia Banks would not recommend working in a restaurant kitchen. To anyone. Ever. “It’s one of the most toxic environments I’ve ever encountered,” she says. “I’ve worked as a cook on and off for 13 years and it’s just pure abuse.” The Weslodge case did help raise awareness of the issues hidden behind the doors […]...Read More

Ex-CBC Radio host Jian Ghomeshi pleads not guilty to all charges

Disgraced former broadcaster Jian Ghomeshi pleaded not guilty Thursday to five charges, including four counts of sexual assault and one count of overcoming resistance by choking. “While this case works its way through the justice system, countless assault survivors are privately reclaiming agency over their lives, telling their stories, and finally beginning to trust that […]...Read More

Nurses win dispute over vaccinate-or-mask policy

“The decision raises a number of important legal issues in the area of health policy, and labour and administrative law” Read the full article...Read More

Good intentions, but what about practical implications of Swain?

Mandatory retirement policies are touchy subjects for most equity partnerships. On the one hand, they can result in partners who built a firm, or at least made it run for many decades, being forced out. On the other hand, they help ensure there is room in the partnership for upcoming legal talent who will sustain […]...Read More

What went down at the Kitchen Bitches Conference

Following the publication of Kate Burnham’s story, alleging horrific workplace sexual harassment at Weslodge restaurant, The Black Hoof’s Jen Agg organized a one-night conference, Kitchen Bitches: Smashing the Patriarchy one Plate at a Time, to discuss the toxic workplace culture in restaurants. Here’s just some of what people had to say. Gillian Hnatiw, partner, Lerners LLP “If you’ve […]...Read More

Law firm partners can bring human rights claims, adjudicator rules

“It seems to be the first clear decision with respect to a law partnership post-McCormick,” says Gillian Hnatiw, a partner at Lerners LLP whose practice areas include commercial litigation and professional regulation. Read the full article ...Read More

In defence of interveners (written by Gillian Hnatiw)

It was difficult to miss the United States Supreme Court’s decision legalizing same-sex marriage earlier this month. As our neighbours to the south celebrated (or decried the Ends of Days), many Canadians felt a tinge of smug amusement that marriage equality is still a matter of such vigorous debate south of the border. After all, […]...Read More

Omar Khadr: Youth or adult? Question goes to Canada’s top court Thursday

TORONTO – The case of former Guantanamo Bay prisoner Omar Khadr returns to Canada’s top court for a third time on Thursday, as the federal government fights to have him declared an adult offender for crimes he committed as a 15-year-old… Read Citynews.ca article...Read More

Ontario and Nova Scotia loosening rules on sex abuse cases, making it easier for victims to sue their attackers

Two Canadian provinces are making it easier for victims of sexual assault to sue their attackers — a move proponents hope will lead more people to seek civil justice, although critics feel this will not protect complainants from the victim-blaming they seek to avoid… Read National Post Article...Read More

Gillian Hnatiw on CBC The National

Sex abuse countered Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne announces new plan aimed at preventing sexual violence.. Watch CBC  The National video...Read More

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