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No Fault? No Way!

Ontario’s “no-fault” car insurance system can be misleading. While it does mean that anyone injured from an accident must seek compensation first from their own insurance company, it does not prevent someone injured from suing the person at fault for the accident.  This is a common myth with car accident cases. In my over 30 […]...Read More

Client Testimonial | Kimberley Munro

Dear Kim, A brief note to express our sincere thanks for the way our legal action was resolved, not only for the amount involved, but also for the highly professional manner in which it was conducted. We are very grateful that there was someone who guided us in your direction. Best thanks for your good […]...Read More

Focusing on the road: Avoiding collisions caused by distracted driving

Distracted driving crashes resulting in personal injury claims are on the increase in Ontario and are preventable....Read More

Be on the lookout: Horses on the roads this Summer

Summer weather brings more drivers onto our roads. It is the time of year when we must be vigilant to ensure we are keeping an eye out for bicyclists, motorcycles, e-bikes, and farm vehicles. When out on rural roads, drivers also need to heed caution to horses being ridden or driven either on our near […]...Read More

Traumatic Brain Injury Testimonial – Meet Brent

Kim Munro not only recovers adequate compensation for her clients, she connects with them in a very personal way. Brent came to Kim Munro after his accident for help getting his life back together. One day when headed out for a routine truck check at the fire department, someone ran a stop sign and hit Brent […]...Read More

And the winner is…

It is the season of the year when award ceremonies are in full swing in the entertainment and sports industries. What does this have to do with personal injury lawyers you may ask? In recent years, we have seen a significant increase in lawyer advertising, particularly by personal injury lawyers. Included in such ads have […]...Read More

Autonomous Motor Vehicles Coming to Ontario Roads: The Breakdown

The North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) is underway in Detroit and I’m really looking forward to going this year. While seeing the new models of motor vehicles is always exciting, I definitely will be paying close attention to the new technologies manufacturers and related industries will be revealing as we move toward autonomous motor […]...Read More

Meet Brooke

After the accident, my family I were completely focused on my recovery. I was so lucky to have such an amazing group of family and friends to care for me and help me recover. Pursuing compensation for our losses was the last thing we wanted to worry about at such a scary time, but with […]...Read More

Optional Auto Insurance Benefits

Working with victims of car accidents makes you very aware of car insurance benefit coverages. I am referring to “accident benefits” rather than any entitlement you may have if you are injured in an accident caused by the fault of someone else. It is interesting that while many people know what they are covered for […]...Read More

Traumatic Brain Injury Case Testimonial- Meet Sandy

“Just knowing that Kim was on our side, that she was there to believe me.” Sandy was on her way back to school with her two daughters and son when another driver came through a stop sign and struck their car. All three of her children suffered traumatic brain injuries as a result of the […]...Read More

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