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The law should protect everyone. Every person has a right to be heard and a right to demand just compensation for an injury sustained through no fault of their own. I believe strongly in the idea of justice and I go to work every day to see that my clients get it.

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Cale's Blog Posts

Family Law Act Claims resulting from Personal Injury

A Family Affair: Family Law Act Claims resulting from Personal Injury

August 4, 2017
When I ask an injured client to explain exactly......Read More
Car Accidents with Pedestrians and Cyclists

Metal and Mettle: Motor Vehicles Collisions with Pedestrians and Cyclists

April 6, 2017
Spring is my favorite season. With the warming temperatures......Read More
Two cars in a bumper to bumper collision

Hollywood Car Crash vs Real Life

August 12, 2021
Over the last 16 months or so, and especially......Read More
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