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Meet Kim

“It is difficult to put into words and accurately express my gratitude to you and your support staff. All my uncertainties and questions were met with a calm, personable and professional assurance that all would be looked after. Your overall attention to my inquiries and complaints made the process a very tolerable one. I was […]...Read More

Lawsuit Filed Against London Nursing Home in Alleged Choking Death

The family of a 77-year-old woman who allegedly choked to death at a London, Ont. nursing home has filed a $4.4 million lawsuit alleging negligence and breach of duty by the facility, says their lawyer Maia Bent. The claim further alleges the death of Marjorie Dolores Woolner at Mount Hope Centre of Long-Term Care was […]...Read More

Change in court rules could boost claims

LawPRO has made civil litigation its immediate priority as it seeks to avoid a flood of new claims when new automatic dismissal rules kick in at the beginning of 2017. Changes to Rule 48 of the Ontario Rules of Civil Procedure enacted in 2015 mean that any claim commenced before January 2012 that has not […]...Read More

New auto insurance dispute resolution process debuts

On April 1, all disputes regarding accident benefits began wending their way to the Licensing Appeals Tribunal. There is considerable anxiety over how the new system will work. It promises a speedy resolution of disputes, but it remains to be seen if it can deliver on its goal to resolve matters in a six-month time […]...Read More

Maia Bent leads OTLA Roundtable

On May 5th OTLA President Maia Bent will lead her local colleagues for an informal roundtable discussion. She will be answering questions and commenting on issues (e.g. LAT changes). This is a great opportunity to share challenges, war stories and best practices with other OTLA members. This event is open to all lawyer members....Read More

Maia Bent participates in Women’s Caucus Roundtable

Maia Bent has been asked to participate in an informal roundtable discussion with other female lawyers regarding trial preparation, advocacy, and civility issues. The discussion will take place on May 2nd from 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM....Read More

Maia Bent and Jacob Aitcheson discuss the Licence Appeal Tribunal’s new rules

Maia Bent and Jacob Aitcheson discuss the Licence Appeal Tribunal’s new rules Maia Bent and Jacob Aitcheson explore the Licence Appeal Tribunal’s new rules practices and procedures in the manner that they apply to the Auto Accident Benefits Service system at the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association program LAT: The Knowns & Unknowns being held April […]...Read More

Maia Bent, president of the Ontario Trial Lawyers’ Association, speaks on rising legal fees

Maia Bent, president of the Ontario Trial Lawyers’ Association, practices personal injury law in London, Ont. She said it’s not clear why legal fees change; many factors come into play, from inflation to office overhead. In her practice, she’s noticed that it’s costing more to hire medical and engineering experts to give opinions on aspects […]...Read More

Nursing home cases highlight need for better standard of care

The issue of violence in nursing homes has largely been focused on the residents themselves, but London personal injury lawyer Maia Bent says there needs to be attention paid to the homes and the people who work there. “What doesn’t seem to be getting as much attention is the violence or neglect by the people […]...Read More

In Personal Injury Disputes, Your Metadata Is Fair Game

Anything you do or say may be used against you in the court of law. Increasingly, this includes what you may have shared online. Over the last few years, as sharing of personal information on social media has become more ubiquitous, many personal injury cases in Ontario are being decided on evidence gathered from plaintiffs’ […]...Read More

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