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The Myth of the Car Accident Lottery

In my last blog published to Facebook, a reader commented that anyone in a fender bender can get a big payout and that the rest of us pay for it through increased auto insurance premiums. I promised that reader that I would address his comment in my next blog – and here I am. Let’s […]...Read More

Car Insurance Isn’t Sexy

Let’s face it – car insurance is a boring subject. Unless you get injured in a car accident. Or your mom does. Or your kid. Only after that happens will you get a crash course (no pun intended) on the unique forms of compensation available to car accident victims in Ontario, including compensation from your […]...Read More

Three Common Misconceptions About Personal Injury Law

Most people will go through life and never need a personal injury lawyer. That’s a good thing. For those people who aren’t so fortunate, here are some facts about personal injury law that will hopefully clear up any misconceptions that people may hold. After all, your Uncle Joe may have meant well by telling you […]...Read More

Meet Jake – Car Accident Client Testimonial

In a split second, Jake went from being a fit and motivated military reservist and college student to not knowing if he’d ever walk again. The car in which Jake was a backseat passenger lost control and flipped into a ditch. His whole future was flipped upside down by this car accident, too. Watch Jake’s […]...Read More

Here’s What You Don’t See on Suits

For those who don’t know, Suits is a very popular TV legal drama starring, among others, the legendary fictional lawyer Harvey Specter. For many years I have been asked if Suits accurately portrays life as a practicing lawyer. Full disclosure here – I’d never seen Suits and I think I was one of the last […]...Read More

The Most Important Thing I’ve Learned From My Injured Clients

Have you ever been sick with a cold or flu where you’ve laid on the couch and thought, “when I get better, I’m going to exercise more, walk the dog everyday, make time for fun, eat better,” etc.? I have. I think of these as ‘sickbed resolutions.’ You name it and I’ve probably promised myself […]...Read More

Limiting Recovery: How The Law in Ontario Impacts Car Accident Victims

In law school I was taught that the purpose of the law in the context of injury claims is to restore the injured person to the position in which he or she would have been had the accident not occurred. In other words, if you lose $1 as a result of an accident, the law […]...Read More

Understanding Referral Fees

What is a Referral Fee? If Lawyer Smith refers a client to Lawyer Jones, Lawyer Jones may wish to pay a referral fee to Lawyer Smith as a thank you. The fee paid is called a ‘referral fee.’ Why Would One Lawyer Refer Work to Another Lawyer? The most common and acceptable reason for referring […]...Read More

Meet Tony

“You and your team have helped us reach a positive conclusion in a life-altering situation. We want to thank you for your professionalism and sensitivity demonstrated during the road to our settlement.” – Tony...Read More

The Things That Do and Do Not Matter When Hiring A Personal Injury Lawyer

If you are in the market for a personal injury lawyer, something bad has happened. An accident has left you or someone you care about injured and in need of help. It is a stressful and emotional time – not an optimal time to make an important decision. However, optimal or not, you need to […]...Read More

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