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Why You Should Sue Your Family

Nigel Gilby, Partner and Personal Injury Lawyer at Lerners shares his insights on what you need to know when suing a family member who is at fault....Read More

Pennywise and Dollar Foolish

I got a call the other day out of the blue from the ex-wife of a former client of mine. Sadly, she told me that my former client had passed away. When I spoke to the children (now adults), they told me that they could not find a Will. The former client owned a home […]...Read More

Client Testimonial | Terrance C.

To whom it may concern, I had a recent struggle with formidable health issues which forced me to quit my job and focus on survival. In the midst of recovering from a series of life saving surgeries, my insurance company arbitrarily determined that I was fit to return to work and terminated my Long Term […]...Read More

Client Testimonial | May 2020

I had needed help and I am so grateful to Nigel Gilby and Karen Simpson of Lerners law firm. My challenged cousin had become a targeted victim of predatory door to door salespeople and she was on the verge of losing her home. She is elderly, legally blind, noticeably mentally and physically challenged and she […]...Read More


My wife and I were recently travelling in southeast Asia on a cruise ship when the concerns about the Corona virus became more of a worldwide concern. Nine days into our 18-day cruise, we were told that the cruise was going to end and everyone had to get off the boat and fly home. Our […]...Read More

Meet J. Malik

Nigel Gilby has been my lawyer for the past five years. When an accident caused me permanent brain injuries, he and his team at Lerners treated me patiently using their extensive experience to inform me of my legal rights. He made sure that I understood the options available to me as he pursued, and succeeded […]...Read More

Food For Thought

My oldest daughter got married on August 17th and we had family in from both the east and west coasts. I took the week following the wedding as a holiday to relax after the wedding and visit with relatives. On the Wednesday night of that week, there was a “night market” in Goderich (which describes […]...Read More

Bicycle Accident Client Testimonial | Meet Cynthia

Cynthia was badly injured when she was hit by an SUV while riding her bike. With growing worries of losing her independence, Cynthia turned to the personal injury lawyers at Lerners LLP for aid. Listen to Cynthia’s story to see how Nigel Gilby and his team were able to help....Read More

Motor Vehicle Accident Testimonial | Meet Cory

No one is ready for a car accident when it happens, and in many cases, it is hard to know what to do after an accident. Cory was involved in a car crash and shortly after receiving initial medical attention, he started noticing additional issues from the accident. At the advice of health care providers, […]...Read More

Motorcycle Accident Testimonial | Meet Dennis & Diane

Following a motorcycle accident, our clients knew that they needed support, including legal help. After a long and complex journey with Nigel Gilby and his team, our clients received their long-awaited outcome and are able to move on with their lives. They tell their story in this video....Read More

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