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Nigel Gilby's Archive

What is an Accident?

Fasten your seatbelts: When is a Motor Vehicle Accident Really an "Accident" and what constitutes a "Motor Vehicle" for insurance purposes?

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Ask a Silly Question and Get a Silly Answer: Practical Advice for Posing Questions to Juries

Careful planning of the questions to be submitted to a jury prior to trial will go a long way in putting together an effective case for your client. Ask-a-Silly-Question-and-Get-a-Silly-Answer-Practical-Advice-for-Posing-Questions-to-Juries

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Catastrophic Impairment Determination: Desbiens & Beyond

By now, most lawyers and physicians dealing with personal injury cases are aware that there is a significant difference in calculating the entitlement and quantum of accident benefits depending on whether an injured person has a catastrophic injury as opposed to a non-catastrophic injury. Suffice it to say that the entitlement to accident benefits is […]

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