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Strength In Time Of Need

I was not sure whether or not to write this blog or exactly what to say if I did. Given what just happened in New York City, I decided to. My wife and I found ourselves in Vegas shortly after the tragedy that occurred. We thought about not going but had already prepaid our trip […]...Read More

The 9th Annual Trauma Golf Classic

The weather Gods must really like me or at least this tournament. On Thursday, August 10th we had yet another fantastic day of weather, golf and fundraising. The golf course at Riverbend was in fantastic condition and everyone enjoyed themselves. Thanks to our generous sponsors whom I would like to personally thank, as well as […]...Read More

Two Sad Events: When People and Events Remain With You

There have been two sad events recently in my life. One of those was very personal and the other was in the public eye. The personal one was the passing of my father-in-law, Lou Stillman, who died at 94 years of age. The other was what occurred in Charlottesville, Virginia, when a group of racist […]...Read More

Meet Suzanne B.

I am happy I chose Lerners! Nigel Gilby and the team were at my side for 3 years and 11 months. Things were thoroughly explained to me in my language including legal terms and I was kept informed all the way. Dayna Wolfe and Brittany Weston the law clerks, replied to my every question and […]...Read More

Car Accident Testimonial- Meet Jeff

One night on his way home from a baseball game Jeff and his sister were in a horrific car accident. In just a short instant Jeff and his family’s lives were changed immeasurably. With the help of Nigel and his team Jeff’s family was able to focus on making sure Jeff recovered, while at the […]...Read More

Car Accident Case Testimonial- Meet Raeven

Raeven, an emergency department nurse, was on her way to work one evening when everything in life changed in an instant. She was hit head on by a car that turned in front of her. Between bone fractures and blood vessel damage, Raeven was moved constantly in and out of surgeries and wasn’t capable of […]...Read More

Car Accident Testimonial- Meet Dan

Dan was injured when he was thrown through the back window of a minivan that lost control on a gravel road and crashed into a ditch. Dan struggled to deal with his insurance company until he finally retained Lerners LLP and Personal Injury Lawyer, Nigel Gilby. Nigel and his team helped Dan through what he describes as “tough-times” and guided him to […]...Read More

Oh! Canada…

As an individual, I have always considered myself to be very lucky to live in Canada. Given what occurs in many other countries in the world, Canada is recognized to be to be one of the best places in which to live. What makes Canada such a great place, of course, is the fact that […]...Read More

Distracted Driving

I was driving back from Toronto on the 401 after the recent snowstorm, when I asked my wife, who was riding with me what she was doing. She was watching something on YouTube and asked me if I wanted to see it. I told her “no” because I had to concentrate on the road due […]...Read More

Car Accident Testimonial- Meet Dave

Dave was riding in the back of a 53ft stretch limousine making his way into London, Ontario for dinner, when he was rear-ended by a cab. Dave retained a law firm, but ended up being very dissatisfied with the progress. He felt like he was the one fighting with the insurance companies instead of those […]...Read More

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