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Meet Cory

I want to thank you and your team for all you have done for me. From the start, days after my accident, you guided me and helped me throughout the whole time. Going through therapy, advocating strongly on my behalf with the insurance company so I can get better and having the resources to do […]...Read More

Understanding Social Work with Sue McLean

In this episode, Nigel and Bill speak with Sue McLean, a social worker within the Paediatric Critical Care Unit (PCCU) at the London Health Sciences Centre. Sue takes us through what the PCCU does, and what happens when a child suffers a significant trauma and is admitted to the Unit. Guest Speaker(s): Sue McLean Episode […]...Read More

Duty of care for rescuers

Jennifer Maguire reacted instinctively: she stopped her car abruptly in the midst of a winter storm and went into a ditch to help free a mother and infant from their overturned van. Three other good Samaritans also stopped to help in the same way Jennifer did  The mother and child were rescued from their vehicle […]...Read More

Experts and the Courts – Update

We just heard from the Court of Appeal on the awaited rulings in two cases on the question of experts, oneWesterhof, the other McCallum.  Those cases dealt with the question of what evidence treatment providers can provide to the Court. In the Westerhof trial, the trial judge ruled inadmissible opinion evidence concerning history, diagnosis and […]...Read More

Car Accident Case Testimonial- Meet Matt

“As a practice leader for Lerners Personal Injury I’ve had the privilege of supporting and advocating for a wide variety people. Like all of my clients, Matt came to me at a turning point in his life and I’m grateful he took the time to share his story so you may better understand how I […]...Read More

Corroborating Evidence of a Change in Function

In a case of Gyorffy v. Drury, released on January 22, 2015, the Ontario Court of Appeal dealt with the question of whether an injured person could provide corroborating evidence of a loss of function. The Plaintiff, Gyorffy, sued Drury and claimed that he had suffered a severe whiplash injury which caused continuous and permanent […]...Read More

Experts and the Courts

The Ontario Court of Appeal has just released its decision inMoore ats Getahun.  That was a case that dealt with some of the rights that lawyers had in dealing with experts and the obligations and duties of those experts. This came about as a result of a ruling at trial of Madame Justice Wilson. The […]...Read More

Attendant Care Benefits and Economic Loss Pre-February 2014 Motor Vehicle Accidents

There is a Decision which has just come down which could entitle a number of people to get attendant care benefits in claims before February 2014 that may not currently be receiving benefits at all. In the Arbitration Decision of Futrell and State Farm, Arbitrator James Newland found that an economic loss was established where […]...Read More

The Complex World of Structured Settlements

In this episode, Bill and Nigel chat with John Rousseau from McKellar Structured Settlements Inc. John helps navigate the complex world of structured settlements and explains in detail what you should know when considering a structured settlement. Also, Nigel and Bill answer listener questions about the impact of being publicly slandered. Plus, Jane from Wheatley […]...Read More

Featured Podcast – Occupational Therapists

One of the most important health care providers to help in recovering from an accident is an occupational therapist (O.T.).  However, most people know very little about what occupational therapists do, how they are trained, or why they would need an “O.T.”  In this episode, Nigel and Bill convene a panel discussion with three leading […]...Read More

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