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Revisiting Host Liability

As we enter the holiday season, many of us will either be attending or hosting a party where alcohol is being served. Sadly, circumstances will likely arise somewhere in Canada where excessive amounts of alcohol will be consumed by a guest who decides to drive their car and causes an accident resulting in serious personal […]...Read More

Barista Beware!

Can a barista who negligently causes harm be held liable to the injured customer? Who knew that coffee shops were such dangerous places? Given the number of cases involving prominent purveyors of coffee, one has to be especially careful when entering such establishments. But I digress. It is well settled that an employer is vicariously […]...Read More

Ontario Report on Auto Insurance Lacking

The Ontario government recently released a report authored by David Marshall, its advisor on auto insurance and the former head of the Workplace Safety Insurance Board entitled “Fairer Benefits Fairly Delivered, A Review of the Auto Insurance System in Ontario.” The report was intended to provide the government with advice on the development of initiatives […]...Read More

Preparing for Mediation: Where the Real Advocacy Begins

The importance of mediations as an effective tool in reaching a settlement cannot be stressed enough. A mediation provides counsel with a very unique opportunity. It is often the one time in the entire litigation process where you have the opportunity to discuss the claim, your client’s injuries, and the damages, directly with the decision […]...Read More

The Illusory Shield: The Collateral Use of Information in Civil and Regulatory Proceedings

The scope of disclosure in both civil and administrative proceedings is currently a hot topic of debate. Some call for limitations on the broad discovery process, while others favour broad disclosure obligations, enhanced by the plethora of sources now available in the electronic era.

...Read More

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