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With 90 years of representing the people of Ontario in personal injury cases, we’ve dealt with thousands of traumatic brain injury (TBI) cases. If you or a loved one has suffered a concussion or brain injury as a result of an accident, you need a Lerners Lawyer.

Lerners Understands the Challenges of Traumatic Brain Injury

We understand how challenging it can be for the injured party and their family. We’re here to move your case forward, navigate tricky insurance issues, obtain fair compensation, and get you and your family on the path toward the best possible quality of life.

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50,000 Canadians Suffer Traumatic Brain Injuries Every Year

Brain injuries after an accident are common. As the leading cause of disabilities for Canadians under the age of 40, traumatic brain injuries are particularly challenging given the myriad symptoms.

Car Accidents Cause Almost 50% of all Traumatic Brain Injuries

There are a lot of causes of traumatic brain injuries, but none more pronounced than motor vehicle accidents. The extreme force of a car accident can cause trauma to the brain when a moving head strikes an object like a window, windshield, or steering wheel. Crushed roofs or ejections can also cause significant damage to the brain.

However, even more common are the types of injuries that don’t cause an open wound or even bruising on the head. In car accidents, the sheer force of the accident itself can cause the brain to collide against the skull. These types of brain injuries are harder to diagnose and the victim may not recognize the connection between their symptoms and the accident.

Other Causes of TBI
  • Motor vehicle collisions (45%)
  • Falls (10%)
  • Bicycle incidents (10%)
  • Sports, Assaults, other traumatic causes (10%)
  • Medical conditions or diseases (10%), (e.g. aneurysms, tumours, meningitis, etc.)
  • Asphyxia, poisoning, other toxins (5%), (e.g. carbon monoxide, etc.)
Effects of TBI

Impairments in memory, cognition, speech, and behaviour are very common and often significantly interfere with an injured person’s ability to perform daily tasks. Impairments may be permanent or temporary and each brain injury is unique. There are common difficulties medical professionals consistently see as a result of TBI.


What To Do After a Brain Injury

If you think that you or a loved one may have suffered a traumatic brain injury, the first and most
important thing to do is seek medical attention. In fact, if you or a loved one has suffered a harsh blow or
shake to the head for any reason, you should not return to activity and instead seek early diagnosis and
treatment from your family doctor or an emergency room. The sooner an injured person seeks care the
better the chances for recovery become.

When Should I Call a Brain Injury Lawyer?

If you or your loved one has received adequate medical attention and believe that your injury is the result
of negligence of any kind, it is time to contact a Lerners Lawyer to evaluate your case. We repeat it
often, but in these cases the most important thing you can do is focus on recovery and following the
orders of your doctors. In fact, that’s all you need to focus on. If you are owed compensation or are
having trouble with insurance issues, your Lerners Lawyer and their team are here to support and guide
you and your family through those challenges.

Brain Injuries, Insurance Issues, Compensation, and Legal Considerations

The first thing to understand is that every case is different and the outcome of every case is equally
different. However, if you or a loved one have suffered a brain injury as result of someone, or an
organization’s negligence, you are entitled to fair compensation for both the physical and emotional
consequences of the injury.


In Ontario, many of your initial medical expenses after suffering a personal injury, such as surgical procedures and hospital stays, are paid by the Ontario Health Insurance Plan, or OHIP. Brain injuries, particularly ones causing long-lasting impairment and disabilities may require treatment that OHIP does not cover, such as certain prescriptions. Lerners is here to help you navigate all the insurance issues you may confront. We have experience from handling thousands of cases. Rest assured, if we take on your case well help focus on what you or your loved one needs.


Compensation can be tricky to predict and unlike some lawyers in our field, we don’t make empty promises. Many different factors are considered when a court awards compensation such as the ability of the injured party to work, limitations on the ability to partake in social or recreational activities, and daily tasks. What we’re focused on is getting you the compensation you or your loved one requires, and ensuring you clearly understand every step in the legal process.

Legal Considerations

Many lawyer’s websites advise you to “take pictures” or “document your injuries” after a traumatic event. We believe you should focus on your health and well-being. Leave the legal work to us.

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