Catastrophic Injuries

catastrophic injury

Catastrophic injuries can be heartbreaking. We’re here to help put your life back together.

Serious and disabling injuries have a devastating effect on all aspects of life, and on the whole family of an injured person. Dreams are shattered. Relationships are strained. Anxiety levels can escalate to an intolerable level with the fears of an uncertain financial future.

We can’t take away your pain, but we do have the expertise and the experience to take care of the complex legal issues involving this type of case. We can provide you with the confidence and assurance that we’ll take care of you and your family. Your problems are our problems and we have the know-how to solve those problems in an efficient, effective and compassionate manner.

Turn our personal injury experience to your advantage

We’re here to help in every way we can. Our personal injury lawyers are extremely knowledgeable in handling catastrophic injury cases. Our ability to match specific skills to critical legal issues means we waste no time and none of your resources. In fact, Lerners is one of the most consistently recommended and selected law firms in Ontario. The reason is simple. We say what we will do, and we do it.

We keep your best interests at heart

Our strength and well-earned reputation is in achieving the successful resolution of catastrophic injury cases. We will strive to provide you and your family with the stability of future financial security. We can’t take away your pain, but we can ease your suffering.

Please contact us today if you, or a loved one, have had a catastrophic injury. Turn our experience to your advantage, and ensure that you and your family receive the compensation you are entitled to.

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