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Arrive Alive: Drive Safe Tips For The Holiday Season

Tis’ the season, for celebrations and getting together. It’s also the time of year when accidents due to impaired driving increase, dramatically. This season, play it safe and arrive alive with these seven tips on safe driving during the holidays. Designate If you’re planning on going out to a party, designate a non-drinking driver before […]...Read More

Shingles Vaccine Free for Ontario Seniors

Ontario is the first Canadian province to provide free shingles vaccines to seniors, saving each eligible Ontarian approximately $170, while helping them maintain their good health. On Thursday, September 15th, Health Minister Eric Hoskins announced that the Ontario government is making the vaccine available to all Ontario seniors, between the ages of 65 and 75 […]...Read More

Buying Car Insurance in Ontario: What You Need To Know

Purchasing car insurance is challenging at the best of times, so we’ve put together six tips to help you get the right insurance coverage, at the lowest possible price. Start by Driving Well A good driving record is an easy and efficient way to keep insurance premiums low. Car accidents and other vehicle-related convictions remain […]...Read More

Dog Owners Liability in Ontario

Dog bites are a serious issue, regardless of the size of dog involved. Canines of every shape and size have the potential to injure seriously, sometimes fatally. Even the timidest, sweet dog can bite. There’s been a lot of debate over whether certain breeds are more likely to bite than others, and that discussion has […]...Read More

Fly Safe! Regulations Governing The Drone Industry

Real estate agencies frequently use drones to get stunning, aerial shots of properties they have been enlisted to sell. Drones can play a life-saving role in search and rescue or surveillance maneuvers, and don’t forget recreational activities like drone racing! Drones can not only vary in purpose but size as well! They can range from […]...Read More

Best Lures for Ontario Fishing

Whether you’re in the hunt for  whitefish in Lake Simcoe, walleye in French River, or smallmouth bass in Eagle Lake, you want to use the best lures for greatest results. And we’ve put together a list of the top performing lures in use across the province, to help your decision-making process. Len Thompson Yellow & […]...Read More

Best Places to Golf In Windsor Ontario

But if you are a golfer, or are considering taking up the sport, then you have an extra reason to love Windsor – access to some of the best golf clubs in the country! With a mix of private and public clubs, Windsor’s 29 golf courses range from practice to professional facilities. Here are just […]...Read More

Fishing In Ontario: Where Are They Bitin’?

If you have plans to go fishing this season, we’ve got you covered! Today, we’ll share with you some of the best spots for northern pike, smallmouth bass, musky, and salmon. And we’ll even let you in on which spots are the best for snagging a trophy catch! It promises to be a thriving year […]...Read More

How to Protect Your Assets From Spring Storms

‘Tis The Other Season Spring is full of promise and potential – from torrential rains to hail and thunderstorms. Nearly every year, damage from thunderstorms and hail is in the millions of dollars nationwide, destroying cars, windows, landscaping and too often, homes. And while you can’t predict what Mother Nature will do 100% of the […]...Read More

Technology Based Companies Are Growing in Toronto

Not just the centre for tech creation, Toronto is the country’s hot-bed of tech development and research, seeing new startups cropping up every quarter. And each one hopes to meet with the same successes experienced by these Toronto-based companies. Aislelabs Aislelabs tops the market supplying location-based behavior analytics to independent vendors, malls,  and airports. They […]...Read More

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