How Do I Find The Right Lawyer For Me?

How Do I Find The Right Lawyer For Me?

Choosing a lawyer to represent your personal injury claim is no small decision. It is so important that you find a professional who has a solid reputation and proven experience with your specific issues.

Still, one question I often hear in my work with Lerners is: Does it really matter if I hire a personal injury lawyer to represent me? Won’t any lawyer do? The short answer is no. Although we all go by the title, we practice in many different areas of law. In the same way that you wouldn’t trust a toothache to a mechanic, or take a leaky engine to a dentist, it makes sense to partner with a lawyer who has expertise with your distinct challenges.

Finding a personal injury lawyer with a good reputation seems as simple as a quick Google search. It is worth your time however, to dig deeper. It’s easy to find a legal professional with solid credentials online, but hiring someone you will trust and feel comfortable with takes a little more investigation. Before you make a decision, ask yourself some questions. For example, does this lawyer have experience in personal injury? Are they able (and willing) to answer all your questions? What resources and support can they provide—are they ‘hands on’ or will you be primarily with their staff? Will you be comfortable working with this person, knowing they will learn about all of the private aspects of your life?

Asking these kinds of questions upfront will help you find a lawyer that fits your case and your personality while setting clear expectations for your relationship going forward.

Remember: expertise and experience count, but so does the relationship you form with your lawyer. It is difficult to make that determination with an online search, which is why I always encourage clients to make a free, no-obligation phone call to Lerners and decide for themselves.

No two lawyers are alike. It does matter who you trust to represent you. If you or someone you care about has a serious personal injury, call our team at Lerners to find a lawyer who will treat your case with the care and personal attention it deserves.

We are here to make your recovery our priority.

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