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No Fault? No Way!

Ontario’s “no-fault” car insurance system can be misleading. While it does mean that anyone injured from an accident must seek compensation first from their own insurance company, it does not prevent someone injured from suing the person at fault for the accident.  This is a common myth with car accident cases.

In my over 30 years with Lerners, I’ve had many clients ask me whether they really need a lawyer when involved in a car accident if Ontario has a no fault system.  That question is understandable.  You should always talk to a qualified personal injury lawyer as you cannot rely on an insurance company to explain all of your options.

The word “no fault” insurance sounds simple enough but in reality, the system itself is quite complicated. 

Don’t let myths keep you from receiving the support you need. In many cases, you can claim and are entitled to much more than the no-fault benefits.

If you or a loved one has been in a vehicle accident, call us at Lerners. We make exploring your options our priority.

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