Nobody’s Perfect but Everyone is Entitled to Justice

Everyone has a history. We’ve all experienced bumps along the road. But even if you’ve had health or employment issues before an accident, these will not prevent you from receiving fair and equitable treatment in a personal injury case.

The truth is that there is no such thing as a perfect case.

Misconceptions Abound

Many people believe that their personal histories will weaken their injury claim. This is a common myth that often discourages them from calling a lawyer like me – even though I can help with a recovery and explore every legal option.

No matter your past, our team at Lerners faces every unique circumstance and challenge head-on. We know that bad things happen to good people all the time, which is why we make the effort to learn about each client’s life before an accident to understand what he or she or they has been through and how we can best move forward together. You can feel safe speaking with us. We deal with challenging circumstances every day in our work. What’s more, our consultations are free, and you are under no obligation to proceed

The Truth Is …

The legal process is not just there for people who have never been hurt or sick. Neither is justice only available to those who have never made a mistake. We know that real life can get messy, which means that the tough things that happened in your life before a personal injury should not stand in the way of getting your day in (or outside) of court.

As a life-long baseball fan, I’m often reminded of something Babe Ruth used to say: “It’s really hard to beat a person who never gives up.” It’s a quote that applies to the field as much as it does to every client that comes through my door. So if you or someone you care about has had a serious personal injury, please don’t give up on yourself, and I promise that we won’t give up on you either.

Don’t let worries about what happened in the past prevent you from being treated fairly today. Give us a call at Lerners and we’ll make your recovery our priority.

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