Not hiring a lawyer could cost you big

Not Hiring a Lawyer Could Cost You Big

Don’t let concerns about money get in the way of your recovery. Some may think that hiring a personal injury lawyer after an accident is too costly, but you may actually lose money by not making the call.

I understand why calling a lawyer feels like a financial choice. The myth that injury lawyers only handle claims for a high price is hard to shake. In truth, working with me or a member of the Lerners team is the best strategy for getting what you’re owed.

Consider a few reasons why calling a lawyer makes sense financially.

Number one, hiring an injury lawyer with the right experience and expertise will typically help you recover more than you would have on your own. Law is complex, and you can guarantee that the insurance company on the other side of the accident will have a lawyer working hard to prevent compensation from coming your way.

Secondly, there may be no upfront cost to pursuing a claim. Many injury lawyers like us work on a contingency fee basis. This means you aren’t obligated to pay anything unless we successfully recover money on your behalf.

Finally, it’s important to know that, in many cases, if you are successful with your claim, the defendant will actually pay about half your legal costs.

You have enough to think about when you or a loved one is injured. Don’t let the cost of receiving a fair settlement add to the stress. Reach out to Lerners and discover your options. We’re always here to make your recovery our priority.

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