Psychological injuries are as serious as physical

Psychological Injuries Are As Serious As Physical

Accident injuries can take a large toll on individuals and their families. And in many cases, that toll is as much mental as it is physical. What you should know is that both injuries are serious, and both deserve fair compensation.

One of the most common myths I hear from clients is that they can only be compensated for their physical injuries. In actuality, mental and physical injuries have been seen as equal in the eyes of the court for more than 50 years.

You may wonder if your psychological injury is serious enough to call a personal injury lawyer. True, a formal diagnosis is helpful for treatment purposes, but when it comes to seeking compensation after an accident, the law is concerned with mental health symptoms and their effects. That means that if your symptoms are prolonged and rise above the anxieties and fears that come with living in a civil society, you likely have a claim for psychological injury.

At Lerners, we also treat every injury claim with the same care and focus. We know that psychological injuries can leave their own scars, making it difficult to work, contribute to the family, or enjoy what you used to before the accident. Just because you don’t have visible injuries doesn’t mean you haven’t been hurt.

If you or someone you love has been injured in any way, call us at Lerners. We’re here to make your recovery our priority.

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