Secret Deductible - More Than You Think!

Secret Deductible – More Than You Think!

Did you know that despite suffering serious and permanent injuries, many car accident victims are secretly denied up to $40,000 of their pain and suffering awards?

It’s surprising but true. As a partner and personal injury lawyer with Lerners, I’ve seen these unfortunate situations play out. Take this real story, for example. On a Monday drive through Woodstock, Ontario, Mary, her husband and three young children were struck by a drunk driver while crossing an intersection. Tragically, the crash took the life of one of her children and left the entire family seriously injured.

During the resulting trial, Mary’s two surviving sons were awarded $65,000 each for their pain and suffering. Even still, each child was only allowed to receive about $27,000 because of a secret deductible that the drunk driver’s insurance company was allowed to keep.

Most often, the juries who decide cases like Mary’s don’t know about these deductibles and aren’t informed that they exist. Not only is this deductible common, but it increases every year with inflation. Currently, it sits at about $40,000.

Tales like Mary’s are unfortunate, heartbreaking and all too real. At Lerners, our job is to help every client receive full compensation for their injuries and losses. We know what to look for, what to expect, and how to avoid surprises.

If you or someone close has been injured in an accident, give us a call at Lerners. We’re here to make your recovery our priority.  

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