When can a lawyer help relieve your stress?

When Can A Lawyer Help Relieve Your Stress?

Accidents are never planned. They come suddenly and turn someone’s world upside-down. It is no surprise that in the timeframe immediately after an accident, it can be a complete whirlwind. In many cases, the injured person is hospitalized, dealing with numerous medical appointments, specialists meetings, and rehabilitation consultations, all while being in pain and trying to recover. In almost all cases, there is uncertainty, fear, confusion, questions, and plenty of paperwork.

I have often heard a concern expressed by accident victims and their families that they worry in that hiring a lawyer might add to their already very stressful situation. Some worry that a personal injury lawyer will add a layer of new challenges, or more ‘to dos’, onto an already challenging time. But in my experience, this has been a myth.

The truth is that hiring a good personal injury lawyer actually lightens much of the stress and burden a client is facing. A good personal injury lawyer helps in more ways than simply filing a lawsuit. In servicing my clients, here are some of the features that I offer to assist with:

  • I help take over all of the insurance related documentation and paperwork, so my client doesn’t need to worry about figuring out and submitting all the insurance paperwork.
  • I deal with the insurance company directly, and provide whatever information or documents that are needed, while my client only has to focus on recovery and getting their life back on track.
  • I assist with coordinating health care teams and ensuring they are funded by insurance, as well making sure any and all benefits available to our clients are being paid to them.
  • I ensure my client’s rights are protected and enforced, something that takes legal training and experience to do exceptionally well.

Usually after only a few months of being retained, my clients confide in me that they are so relieved they had representation and assistance from the outset of the accident. By the end of almost all of my cases with clients, they tell me they are so glad they decided to hire a lawyer and couldn’t imagine having handled all of their claims on their own.

If you or someone you know has had an accident and would like a free consultation, please call me – I’m here to help.

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