Why You Should Sue Your Family

Personal injury claims between family members are more common than you might think. If you’ve been injured in a car accident and a family member is at fault, you are well within your rights to sue. 

As a partner with Lerners with over 40 years of practice, I have seen this numerous times. Family members are often reluctant to sue loved ones because they think they shouldn’t or fear they will damage relationships. The truth is that when you sue someone close, you’re suing their insurance company and not them personally.

This is a situation we can all relate to. When my daughters were growing up, for example, I always prayed that I would not get into an accident and cause them any injury. At the same time, I had the peace of mind knowing that my insurance would ensure they were looked after for their injuries. No one wants a situation like this to occur, but if it did, I would absolutely recommend my daughters file a claim so that my insurance company would support their recovery.

Another myth is that suing a loved one will cause their insurance rates to go up. The reality is this will happen no matter what you decide to do. When a person is found to be at fault in a vehicle accident, their insurers will raise their rates even if no one sues for injuries. In some cases, though, insurance policies may allow one accident to occur before rates are affected.

Emotions run high after an accident, especially when the people we care about are involved. It’s important to remember that, yes, it is in your best interest to sue even if a loved one is at fault. Also, their insurance will not increase any more than it automatically goes up, according to their insurer.

You deserve relief no matter who is at fault for your injury. If you or someone you care about has a serious personal injury, call us at Lerners. We are here to make your recovery, our priority.

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