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A Personal Injury Lawyer Helping Injured People and their Treatment Providers

Most people immediately recognize my role as a personal injury lawyer in providing an injured person with advice about litigation against the at-fault driver or party, and accessing benefits to pay for income losses and treatment expenses.

However, many people are not aware that an important part of my role is helping my injured clients to access treatment with health care professionals who can assist with their recovery. In order to do this, I am often advocating for my client to be removed from the Minor Injury Guideline, and filing Licence Appeal Tribunal applications to dispute denied treatment plans. I also assist seriously injured clients with applying for catastrophic benefits.

I am also a helpful resource for treatment providers. I am available to explain the insurance system to your patient. As well, I am able to assist in communicating with the insurance/accident benefits adjuster, which includes when there are issues with invoices being paid.

I have worked with Alysia on numerous files and she has always strongly advocated for both the client and my business. I was having difficulty receiving monies from an insurance company and within two days, Alysia had written a strongly worded letter resulting in immediate payment from the insurance company. She is always available and willing to answer any question that I may have regarding insurance claims. Alysia is an extremely valuable asset to our business! – John S., Physiotherapist

Please contact me for more information on how I can be of assistance to you and your patients who have been injured in an accident. I am also available to conduct lunch and learn workshops on various medical-legal topics, including clinical records and privacy issues.

E: achristiaen@leners.ca
P: 519-640-6344


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