Client Stories

We believe in treating our clients like out family or our neighbors, because that’s exactly who they are. Listen to some of their testimonals.

Meet Peter

Peter’s father in law suffered a horrific car accident. In an instant Peter and his family’s life were changed immeasurably. Discover how Lerners was able to help Peter, his family, and most importantly his Father-in-Law recover and move forward with their lives.

Meet Sue

Sue’s daughter suffered a catastrophic brain injury after being involved in an auto accident. Sue’s family was scared and unsure of what the future would really hold. Discover how Sue’s family was given the confidence and support they needed to focus on Sue’s daughter’s recovery and the well being of their family.

Meet Sandy

Sandy was on her way back to school with her three daughters when another driver came through a stop sign and struck their car. All three of her daughters suffered traumatic brain injuries as a result of the accident and had a long road to recovery ahead. Find out how Lerners was able to support both their legal and medical needs.

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